What Role Do Dreams Play?

What role do dreams play in our lives? 

They are the safety valve for the subconscious. They release stored pent-up emotions, memories, hurts, worries. And they can provide creative solutions. They can reveal multiple dimensions. But primarily it is a way for the body to decompress from the day’s activities. A chance for healing. A kind of reset. 

Not as an erasing, more like filing in the proper cabinet so that it can coexist peacefully rather than be strewn about to come in another night’s dream. Or cause further reactionary developments. 

Is there a way to intentionally have dreams to help us with creative solutions? 

To enter the sleep state through meditation. In the meditation, set the intention for the night’s activities. Ask for what you wish to receive as guidance. Creativity, healing, release, communication, connection, travel, understanding. The possibilities of what you could set are only limited by your imagination. 

Yes, it can be used as a tool for guidance and connecting to greater wisdom and knowledge. But its primary purpose is to put the body’s chemicals through the washing machine. 

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