All God’s Creatures

Ring ring ring.

Disembodied voice from Caller ID, “Call from wireless caller.”

Wondering what Andrew has forgotten, as he’s just left the house for work, I answer, “Hey, what’s up?”

“I need you to do me a favor. Can you walk down the road to the bridge by George’s house?”

Thinking that’s a very interesting request and assuming more details will be forthcoming, I say, “Sure.”

“There’s a big turtle that’s just starting to cross the road and I need you to go check on it in a couple of minutes.”

This from a man who says he doesn’t understand my animal madness.

He continues, “I’d really appreciate it if you’d pick it up and carry it across so I don’t have to spend the rest of the day worrying about it getting run over.”

As I went and escorted the turtle safely to the other side of the road, I thought about all the times Andrew has expressed a lack of interest in animals.

You buying it? I’m not buying it anymore.

I’d say he’s crossed way over into the “loves all God’s creatures” group.

11 thoughts on “All God’s Creatures”

  1. Maya's Granny

    What a fantastic man you have found. That kind heart had to have been there all along, just waiting to recognize that a turtle could move him.

  2. jenn in holland

    I remember the time when as a teenager we had a dog who was killed in traffic after escaping the yard one day. No one grieved harder than my Dad. All along we thought he had sort of tolerated the zoo of our house and endured the animals all for the good of us kids. It wasn’t until she was killed and he confessed to all the late night cuddles and extra treats he had given her that I had a clear picture of the way he felt toward this particular “mutt’.

    That’s a sweet rescue story, and yes friend, I think he has joined the lovers’ crowd!

  3. Why do guys feel they have to be “tough” all the time. I prefer them to be sensitive. What a great husband you have to worry about a turtle!

  4. Sadly some people just don’t grow up in families where animals are loved. But it is beautiful when they learn what we know about those we share the planet with.

    That’s exactly it. He didn’t grow up with animals. Until he got hooked up with me. And he hasn’t been free of them since. :) 

  5. Yes..he is a card carrying member now. Welcome to the very special membership Andrew! Awwww….this is so sweet. ;)

  6. Oh I’m with him. That’s exactly how I feel. I’m not comfortable with animals, get a little nervous, but a couple weeks ago I stayed up worrying about a stray dog I’d seen earlier that day.

  7. Aha. The true nature revealed! I think I was pretty sure I loved my husband when he would stop and move EVERY turtle that was on the backroads out of the way. How could you NOT love someone who saves turtles. I’ve since been known to stop for a few myself. I’m glad you saved a life today!

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