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  1. Ooops. Have another querie…the tree with the white blooms. Is this a wisteria? And what kinds of Iris are you growing? The scent of certain Iris reminds me of a luscious candy my Grandmother had from England. Heady!

    The tree is a Black Locust. They grow like weeds around here. We are loaded with them. Their scent is truly heavenly. Almost like a very soft, light Jasmine. When they are all in bloom, it’s really something to see.

    And Irises? I have so many kinds I don’t remember all their names — Bearded Iris, Japanese Iris, Jitterbug, Merry Madrigal, Rhapsody in Bloom are some of them. I have a variety that smell like grapes but I don’t remember the name. None that smell like candy that I can think of though.

  2. Beautiful foliage and grounds around your farm. What varieties of roses do you grow? They are spectacular. ( I am green with envy as most of my roses are suffering from black spot this season) Thanks for the tour!

     Just two climbing roses; Iceberg and Blaze.

  3. beautiful! The 4th picture, what is that flower called?

    That’s Climbing Iceburg (an heirloom rose). They cascade over my fence all summer long.

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