On the Hunt

It’s in the air today, along with the gathering thunderclouds. Everyone around here is hunting for something.

Our Great Blue Heron is on the hunt for his lunch.


He seldom misses.


He’s snagged himself a nice fish.

Oh, there’s something else fishing there along the side of the pond!


Is it our Fisher (a weasel)?

maine coon

Nope. I’d recognize that fluffy tail anywhere. Looks like Finn’s found some good hunting by the pond too.

Kiera and Wink are hunting for a safe place to get away from the thunder.


25 mg of Benedryl is enough to get Kiera (48 lbs) through the storm in one piece.

I’ve been on the hunt for the last of my Spring flowers.


They brighten up my day under the overcast skies. It makes working in my outside office all the more divine. Wish you could smell their fragrance wafting through the air.


But my ever-helpful Graidy is happy to do the sniffing for you.


13 thoughts on “On the Hunt”

  1. Hi from a fellow Aussie owner! Sorry for the random late reply, I just found your blog and have been working my way backwards through your posts.
    The best way to get rid of eye-flash (ghost eye) is to used a bounced flash. An external flash, like a Speedlight 600, is the easiest way to get it. I shoot with a Nikon D50 DSLR. Otherwise, there are little diffusers you can buy depending on your camera. The eye-flash is caused by direct flash, so indirect will get rid of it. Or, if you’re a genius in Photoshop, you can mess with it there. The Picnik program with Flickr works better for red-eye than ghost eye.

  2. Michelle O'Neil

    Gorgeous photos! I can almost smell the flowers from here, and I’m wondering if the Benadryl trick might work with my son, who is terrified of thunder? ; )

  3. Thank you Karen, this worked beautifully! There have been thunderstorms everyday now, and last night we had a tornado watch to go along with it. I gave Annie 2 Benadryl and she was calm throughout the whole storm. She looked a little anxious at first, but really a huge improvement from her usual fretting. I can’t believe I went so long without knowing to give her Benadryl, makes me feel a little….dumb. I guess I took the “natural remedy” thing a little too far with her! Thank you, really, this was a good thing to do for our girl.

    1. Don’t feel bad Cindy. I did the same thing. I’m always inclined to try natural first. My vet was the one who told me about the mildly sedating effects of Benadryl on dogs. It’s been a godsend for us too. Glad it worked for Annie.

  4. Oh, I just thought that weird glow in their eyes meant they were otherworldly, you know, magical and all that! Dang……

    As for Benadryl, I haven’t thought of that. Our lab-mix Annie could use something a little stronger then the Bach Remedies I put on her tongue. We had a good rumbler plow through tonight and she did her regular routine: pant, pace, pant, shake, pace and pant some more…..then pee. Poor girl! So, just how much Benadryl would be used on a fifty-five pound dog? Oh and I used to live in Utah where they really do use Benadryl for real on their ten kids….no lie. But, back to the doggy dosage…..

    1. Oh, my guys are definitely magical. I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s the good kind or not. ;)

      This post on thunderstorms
      has some different ideas for remedies.

      Here’s the Benadryl dosing:
      Dosage every 8 hours
      Dogs under 30 lbs and Cats : 10 mg
      Dogs 30-50 lbs: 25 mg
      Dogs over 50 lbs: 50 mg

      I’d give Annie 50 mg (2 tabs)an hour before the storm is supposed to hit. Even if there’s no warning, and you give it to her at the first boom, it will still help tremendously.

  5. Awe, a lovely post. I know the peace that aptly used Benadryl can bring to a wired pet. Abby our late Cockapoo was impossible to ride in a car with. She would beg to get in but drive us completely nuts the whole time. Moves were especially dreadful before we discovered the miracle of a little Benadryl. Such peace, and we were tempted to dose any child who asked too many times “Are we there yet?”

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