Fall is in the air. No need to look at the calendar; there are signs everywhere.

Harvested at the end of July, my garlic has dried enough to cut, clean, and store. One drying screen almost done. One more to go.

drying garlic

Seed saving begins for many of my lettuces and leafy vegetables. This is Chinese Cabbage. Tiny little things, aren’t they?

bok choy seeds

This is one plant’s worth.


I like to collect enough seeds to also have some to trade on Seed Savers Exchange.

Some captured sunshine coming into full bloom.


Cait likes to grow these. Our birds like that Cait likes to grow these.

Then there’s the baking, canning, freezing. These loaves won’t last long enough to freeze. The ones still baking in the oven will.

Zucchini Bread

With four varieties of tomatoes, there’s been lots of good eating. And there’ll be lots of sauce and sun-dried tomatoes to take us through the winter.


And last but not least, what more clear sign of Fall is there than this?


Except perhaps this.