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Just wanted to share this email I got recently. I think it’s a wonderful idea. But check it out and decide for yourself.


My name is Kari and I’m writing you with the hope that you’ll let your readers know about and, a new fundraising tool being used by supporters of the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, and thousands of humane organizations across the country. is a new search engine that donates 50% of revenue to charities and schools of the user’s choice. You use GoodSearch the exact same way you would any search engine the only difference being that you can designate your favorite non-profit or school to receive a donation every time you search the web! Because it’s powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results.

GoodShop is an online shopping mall that features stores like Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, J Crew and hundreds of others and donates a percentage of each sale to the nonprofit or school of the users’ choice.

As I’m sure you get a lot of these requests, I just want to assure you that we’re legitimate and we work with more than 55,000 charities and have been featured by the NY Times, Oprah magazine and other press outlets.


Supporters of the ASPCA have already helped raise over $13,000 through GoodSearch and GoodShop to help animals in need! Please let readers of your blog know about this easy way to raise money for humane organizations as it can make a big difference in the lives of needy animals! Thanks so much for your consideration.


Kari McMinn

2 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Support the ASPCA –”

  1. I actually discovered goodsearch a while back…I write for a NonProfit newsletter and did an article on an org that utilizes it. Very cool!

  2. I volunteer at a small cat rescue a friend runs. They turned me on to goodsearch. But thanks for the reminder, I do tend to forget about it.

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