How is Recent Solar Activity Affecting Us?

Q: How is, or is recent sunspot and solar flare activity affecting humans?

Recent solar activity (the earth is experiencing an intense solar storm this week) has been blasting the atmosphere with ionized particles. The equivalent of throwing pebbles into the pond causing concentric waves to radiate out. And because so many pebbles are thrown in at once, the concentric circles cause interference with each other, resulting in disruptive patterns. The point is, it’s hard now for us to hold thoughts. Or to follow through.

This is only one of a continuation of disruptive influences coming into the universe, into the galaxy, into the atmosphere, into the brain.

As soon as one series is over, and often before one series is over, another one begins. Many people are finding this discouraging and unsettling. It is a time of switching on and off. People changing directions, changing jobs, changing what they care about. This pattern will continue for the foreseeable future.

This all represents a deep shaking out. And, because many people are already depleted from the previous few years, there is a low tolerance for frustration and for putting up with what one does not wish to put up with any longer.

Normally fear would be a governing factor in impulsive changes. But people don’t even care about fear anymore. This is good news for the spiritual seeker. Because in order to make progress — lasting progress — it is necessary to remove fear.

The potential negative is that in the desire to move away from what is, there isn’t a clear understanding of what one is actually moving toward. Because any “away” movement is what feels needed. But there is only a 50/50 chance that the moving away energy, without clarifying what one wishes to move toward, can be fruitful. It can push one toward something that seems “right” or “good” but may prove not to be, on closer examination.

It’s like running over hot pavement in bare feet. The burning sensation causes one to just wish to get off the hot pavement. The direction doesn’t matter. Only getting off the hot pavement matters.

But it can’t be about just getting away from the hot pavement. Again, there needs to be a paying attention to what one is moving toward.

solar flare
The energy released by this explosion could be equivalent to millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time. (Photo: Nasa)

Q: So, when you’re running across hot pavement, how do you keep your wits about you and plan and strategize?

For the spiritual seeker, instead of looking down at the hot pavement, lift the head and look forward to see where the best “moving toward” is.

It is not about doing this perfectly. It is about taking the time in the midst of pain to be mindful, to be connected to instinct, to be doing the work to not overreact.

These steps will minimize the sensation of pain, giving one time to calm down and center before automatically rushing off in any direction.

There is also a contagious quality happening. Everyone who has to cross the hot pavement sees everyone on the hot pavement saying, “Ow. Ouch. It’s hot, it hurts.” So they anticipate the hot pavement and focus on that rather than thinking about where they wish to get to. It heightens the fear of the hot payment, causing an overreaction at the start.

Meditation is key for everyone right now. Creating moments during the day where one steps outside and just breathes. It allows being outside to work its magic on the psyche.

Q: What’s causing the despair?

There is a collapse of order around the planet. There is a collapse of sanity. There is a collapse of trust.

People do not feel safe talking with one another about anything, for fear of potential repercussions. This includes politics and religion, but really strong views of any kind. There is the fear of triggering a reaction that could affect a job, physical safety, emotional safety.

Everyone is living in a kind of self-imposed prison cell in this effort to escape what they fear. And it is the worst kind of prison cell because it is solitary confinement. The irony is that some feel that makes them safe. No one can get to them. But they discount the fact that, over time, it will drive them crazy in a different way.

Q: What’s the most helpful advice to give people who are troubled now by the state of the world?

The most helpful advice is not what people want to hear. The most helpful advice is to disconnect from technology, from news and entertainment sources.

The misunderstanding is thinking that this is suggesting that one stick one’s head in the sand. When in fact the opposite is true. It means to actually pull one’s head out of the sand. Look up, look around. Connect with what’s right here. Learn how to live again. Not in a virtual reality. But in real-time. With real senses working and providing connection, communication, understanding. The sense of feeling whole. The opposite of being in solitary confinement.

One could be discouraged by these times. But that’s a waste of energy. If you were to properly use this information, you would feel hopeful, excited, and motivated with a sense of anticipation and positive feelings.

It is not that there would not be considerable work to do. But you would find it fun and interesting because it would force you into a state of innocence. It would remind you that you did once know how to play. And that play is fun. And that you can play again and have it be productive and meaningful. And help you reach your spiritual fullness.

Q: Everyone is so tired and exhausted. They get discouraged easily. How do you ignite whatever that energy is? How do you get the momentum going to get people to go forward and to care enough to do what needs to be done.?

It is not about going forward or caring. Those are too big. It is about making everything very small. Look at this beautiful flower. Smell this beautiful flower. Feel the texture. Fully place your attention here. In that simple act, a feeling of union happens. Senses are stimulated. Awareness is expanded. There is a momentary burst of joy.

That is what one should be looking for. To string as many of those instances together throughout the day. Not to have it be about the big goals. Or big work. Or big anything. The moving toward is simply a moving toward the spiritual, in whatever way one can identify that at the moment.

That is what I mean.

Q: So when you’re on the hot pavement, is the idea to decide to understand that what you need to do is move to a spiritual life?

Rather than frame it that way, it would be to move toward a simpler life that causes less pain.

So yes, acknowledge: “I wish to move away from pain.” That is real. Moving toward simplicity automatically makes the pavement smaller. And makes the cool grass larger. It’s all connected.

Q: It seems that there would be a deprogramming that would be necessary to stop wanting all the things that you think you want. And being all the things that you think you’ve always wanted to be. And to simplify it. What are the steps to being able to understand that what you want is simplicity?

By reawakening people’s senses, they will come to their senses. And in their coming to their senses, it becomes self-evident. By trying to do it intellectually, it would always be doomed to failure. It has to be done on a body level. This is why working with the senses is key.

There will be those who will say focusing on the body level moves one away from the spiritual. Pushes one deeper into the body. Neither is true.

Pushing one into the senses expands all that is. Expands awareness. Expands how one receives information. It is one of the fastest paths to spiritual clarity.

None of this is hard. It is the letting go of the fear that trips most people. Breaking everything down into tiny little pieces is what will help people forget fear because fear doesn’t exist in the tiny little pieces.

[Another side-effect of solar storms is the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern and southern lights. If you live in the northern or southern latitudes and you view the night skies, you may be rewarded with the light show of a lifetime.]

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