Saved by Spring!

Three months later and half the time I still find myself going to fill Kiera’s food bowl… I’ve had enough human and animal loss in my life to know there’s nothing that can be done except to wait out the sadness.

The last few weeks, I’ve been busy planting my vegetable gardens, and pruning my grape vines and fruit trees. The thing I love most about Spring and gardening is always the renewed hope and excitement I feel at getting to watch what I plant grow. So imagine my delight, when I went to check for signs of fruiting and spied this!

cherry tree

For the first time… CHERRIES !!!!!

4 thoughts on “Saved by Spring!”

  1. That has been a long wait. And welcome back, you’ve been missed.

    btw – There’s a glitch in the previous post/next post navigation; “previous” is fine but “next” goes back to 2006. Just another fun day cleaning up after other people. Hope that’s the last one.

  2. I started some plants in February indoors. It’s my first go at it. Have tomatoes & peppers. We finally got our new puppy! Mr. Blue is certainly keeping me on my toes and I had forgotten how much work this is lol. He is a handsome, independent little devil!! It’s good to have you back!

    1. Dawn, good for you for trying your hand at starting your own plants! And pulleeease send pics of your new boy! If I don’t get to smell his sweet puppy breath, I at least need to be able to gaze upon him!:)

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