Thinking Spring

Oh the weather outside is frightful.


It’s been hovering around -15 F in the mornings around here. And we’ve had quite a lot of snow already. Deep winter is upon us.

But the fire is so delightful.

I’m quite toasty, enjoying a nice hot cup of tea while leafing through my all-time favorite catalog that just came in the mail today.

What’s that? Yes, of course. A closer look would be helpful.


Only the stuff of dreams for organic gardeners everywhere…

If you need to find me in the next few days, this is where I’ll be — reading cover-to-cover and circling new seeds to try for this summer’s garden.

20 thoughts on “Thinking Spring”

  1. Mountain Dweller

    Nothing like a good fire and something interesting to read when the weather is that bad. Hope you made the most of it!

  2. Yeh! Kindred spirit…seed catalog, dreaming by the winter fire. Seeds of Change rocks! Good garden plans and bounty to you in ’08!

  3. I love to garden too, although I am not very accomplished at it yet. I had decided to try to plant only heirlooms this year but started researching it and felt quite overwhelmed. Some of the hybribs seemed to be easier, but then is a hybrid too much like a GMO? Where do you draw the line? I want to do the right thing but I’m also a beginner gardener and want it to be a success, I do want vegetables and lots of them! I am confused!

  4. I’m sorry, but it was 65 today and tied an all time record. Typically today would be in the upper 20s to lower 30s. Don’t worry it won’t last.

  5. I am just waiting for the seed catalogs to start rolling in. I dream about herbs and flowers and climbing vines, and I circle things in red (even plants that won’t grow in my particular area). Sigh.

    Love your woodstove!

  6. I’ve lived in So. California all my life, 63 years. When we retired 9 years ago and relocated away from the coast, my main requirement was that the new house had a fireplace. I love it. We’ve only had snow once in 9 years, but it does get cold and the fireplace is wonderful.

  7. This is my first winter with a real fireplace and I am in heaven. Your photos make me want to stop working early and enjoy a nice warm fire!!

  8. That fire in the stove and the tea and seed catalog are just soooo inviting! I’ll have to say the snow is pretty too.

  9. That first pic is gorgeous. I’d like my kids to experience that kind of snow and weather for about a month, but then we’ll go back to the “yeah, it gets really cold but not all the time”.

    Thinking of spring already! That’ll help keep any winter blues away.

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