All-ee All-ee In Free

–or perhaps more aptly,

All-ee All-ee Out Free

I’m in one of those “if there’s a problem, solve it” modes. With four animals in the house now (outnumbering the humans) I have to admit that I’ve been feeling a little under siege lately. Between worrying about Finn dashing out the door every chance he gets, and dealing with integrating Wink, Cait’s new puppy, into a very established pack, I’ve had my hands full.

But I finally hit on a solution that would help both situations. And it only took a week of hard labor, some sore muscles, and a few recycled materials.

Remember this?


Which, this spring, looked like this?


Add to that a couple dozen ripped up old deck boards, and it now looks like this.


And now Finn gets to do this.


And the dogs have finally progressed to the point of being able to safely and calmly do this.


Which lets me get back to doing more of this.


And we all lived happily ever after.

11 thoughts on “All-ee All-ee In Free”

  1. Alexis, thanks for the pat on the back! :)

    Deb, it’s a never-ending process here — tearing down, building up. All part of the “fun” of owning an old farm house.

    Teetotaled, if get yourself one, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

    Nita, it is definitely helping me relax. As much as I needed another fence on this property, like I needed another hole in my head, this has been a really good thing.

    Lynn, I’m glad you enjoy the pics. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to tell stories with pics.

    Nutmeg, funny you should ask… Just had a really promising meeting with a backer a couple days ago. So we shall see. Don’t worry — you’ll be one of the first ones I’m going to contact to get involved.

  2. Funny, I’m tearing down and cleaning up and you are building up and cleaning up.

    Still struggling with storm damage and outages here. I’m at the library trying to reconnect with the rest of my world.

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