I Used to Be Normal…

…Two dogs ago.

When I saw that tagline, I laughed and thought, yep, that was me. I used to be normal. Before I started adding more dogs and a cat to our animal family. My life used to be sane back then.

But life often has other plans for me. You can read about a couple of those plans here and here.

You see, as I have often written about, two dogs are the perfect number. For so many reasons.

So, why am I showing you a photo with four Aussie pups? I am starting to look for the first of my next two dogs. This is a litter from the breeder I got Kiera from.

Yes, I am going back to Kiera’s well. If I can’t have her, I want her genes back in my life. Her breeder is one of the most thoughtful, knowledgeable breeders I’ve come across. She breeds some of the most stable and smart Aussies I’ve met.

I want to start with an Australian Shepherd (with a tail this time) and get her fully bonded to me and trained within an inch of her life.

And then.

And then, I’m going to find a well-bred Cavalier. And they will have each other, and I will have them. And we will all be happy together.

That point was driven home after this past weekend when I dog-sat a friend’s very sweet beagle. As I watched him sniff around our backyard, I intensely felt how alone he was in that experience. There was no other dog to communicate with or share that experience.

Andrew asked if just having us wasn’t enough. I answered that it would be like if he was the only human adopted by a dog family. Sure, he would feel their love and have a limited ability to communicate with them, but they wouldn’t be able to share his umwelt. No matter that there would be other loving beings he’d be sharing his life with, he would be alone. I don’t want to do that to a pack or herd animal.

So, stay tuned. Hopefully, there will be happy news to share before too long.



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