Most Current List Of All Recalled Dog Food

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Menu Foods, Inc., expanded its recall Tuesday, April 10, to cat food not previously subject to the recall. The varieties of cat food in the United States and Canada now being recalled are included in the spreadsheet in the above link.

If your brand is on the list, make sure to check the code on the spreadsheet against the code on your can. If they match, stop feeding that food immediately and take your animal to the vet to be checked. Thousands of animals have already died of kidney failure. Prompt treatment may save your animal.

Post Script: As new pet food is added almost daily to the recalled list, visit PetSit Usa for daily updates.

Prayers to all the families affected by the Virginia Tech shooting.

7 thoughts on “Most Current List Of All Recalled Dog Food”

  1. Teetotaled, I wish it would wake up the FDA, but we still live in a world where most of the people in it consider animals as despensable property.

    Girl, yes, I’d read about that. In an interview, he rationalized it all away by saying that his financial advisor had scheduled the transaction considerably earlier, and that this was just “a horrible coincidence.” Yeah, if you call getting caught with your pants down a horrible coincidence, I’d have to agree! :(

  2. Did you hear that the CFO of the pet food company sold half his shares three weeks before the poisonous food was discovered and recalled? Coincidence? You tell me…

  3. I’ve been feeding my dog table food since the whole thing started. I’m terrified of poisoning my very first baby. She’s getting really fat. And putting all kinds of junk food on my shopping list. Thanks for the info!

  4. This whole thing is so scary. My heart goes out to those affected by this pet food recall who have lost their beloved pets. Maybe this will wake up the FDA!

  5. Thank goodness our brand is not on the list. What happens if it is since they’ve already been eating it for a while?

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