Problem-Solving Dog Furniture

Because we live in an old farmhouse, we are always short on storage space. We have no attic or basement to speak of, so we need to take advantage of every way we can to make storage. In my perennial quest to get and stay organized, I came across these great ideas.

Folding Pet Home And OttomaDoggie Nite Stand   Tudor Dog House anyone?


But here’s my all time favorite. If you have a partner who would prefer not to have dogs on the bed, here’s a happy solution for everyone!  Bedside Platform Dog Bed.  Just brilliant!

Unfortunately, I can’t find anyone who sells this item any longer. But it wouldn’t be hard to make.

Guess what I’ll be building this weekend? : )

5 thoughts on “Problem-Solving Dog Furniture”

  1. Hi! I just discovered this bed and am obsessed! Did you end up making one? Do you happen to have plans for it? I’d love to have/make something like this but wouldn’t be able to do it without direction. Thanks!

    1. It is pretty cool, isn’t it! I did wind up making a version of it, but I’ve been building stuff for so long that I didn’t draw plans. I just measured, cut and screwed together. : )

      You could take this picture to a carpenter and s/he could probably draw you up some plans. It’s essentially just a platform with a sunken bed, trim, and stairs going up. You can make it as fancy or plain as you like.

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