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Planting Sustainable Outdoor Snacking Stations

I was just reading an article about planting a food forest by a farmer whose philosophy I share. And it reminded me that I’ve been doing a variation on this with my property for about 10 years. I call it creating “Snacking Stations.”

I started doing this with an eye toward building in “passive food providers” onto my property so that even if I might not have time for a large garden every year, I would still be able to … Read More

My New Year’s Wish for the World

My wish for all of us is that we remember that we are all connected. We all share the same home–Planet Earth. We all share the same gene strands that make us human. And we need to do a better job of remembering what we have in common rather than always focusing on our differences. There are no winners in war. Just one side that appears to lose less.

To help you remember the depth of our connection to ALL … Read More

If Only People Paid As Much Attention As Dogs

australian shepherd paying attentionAdmit it. You can’t even move toward your shoes without your dog(s) knowing that you are going out. And whether those shoes are hard-soled or sneakers tell them whether they’re going to get to go with you.

That’s because our dogs really pay attention. They notice every little action we take. Every little facial expression. Every little sigh or laugh. Every little everything. They. Pay. Attention.

And they know exactly what that action, expression, sound means.

I cannot move an … Read More

My Primary News Source

no news is good newsIf you pay attention to the news, it seems we are living in crazy times. Even though I try to remind myself that’s not entirely true–it’s just that “crazy” sells and the media is buying. I do my best to do my own ferreting out to find the truth, which mostly means staying away from what passes as “news” these days.

Sitting in a restaurant last night, my table was facing a grandmother, mother, and young son. As they were … Read More

Sharing an Experience

I was speaking with a long-time mentoring student who’s found himself working very hard not to become embroiled in verbal battles of late. His question to me was:

 Is there a way that we can sanely engage in intelligent conversation
that can include differing views, without resorting to hostility?

Great question, don’t you think? Is it possible to discuss politics or religion, or anything we feel passionately about, without getting locked into stalemated arguments? Which usually results in the predictable … Read More

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