How to Fix Google Chrome “Continue where you left off” Tabs Not Working

Does Google Chrome “Continue where you left off” not continue where you left off? Have you tried every solution out there, including uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome? And still, when you open Chrome your previous session tabs don’t open?

This might be your problem.

screenshot of desktop

Here are the common answers you’ll get with a search for why your previous Chrome tabs aren’t opening. And they’re the first attempts most people make. But don’t start here. Scroll down to find the simple solution

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The Map of the Universe

Check out this interactive map of the observable universe from the Milky Way to the edge of what can be seen. The map travels back more than 13 billion years. It spans the entire known cosmos with pinpoint accuracy and depicts the actual position and real colors of 200,000 galaxies.

The map was created by astronomers at Johns Hopkins University using data collected over two decades by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Here’s just a small section.

map of the universe

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Where Do You Land In the “Can’t Live Without” Category?

I admit it. I have dogs on my brain. I’ve made it a whole 9 months without a dog. That’s closing in on a new record for me. It’s not that I don’t miss Finn, too. I do. But cats don’t fall into the “can’t live without” category for me.

So I was curious. Where do most people fall in the “can’t live without” category? Looks like it depends on what country you live in.

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My Annual Christmas Present to Myself

bakers creek seed catalog

If you’re a gardener and you don’t know about the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog, you should. The catalog always comes in early December, and I always find a few new plants and veggies to try. The diversity and uniqueness of their offerings is fantastic. I dare you to not find something you can’t wait to add to your garden.

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101 Poisonous & Hazardous Things that Can Harm or Kill Your Dog or Cat

poison sign Always around the holidays. animal emergency rooms and poison control call lines start getting swamped. To help keep you out of the ER, here’s a list of many of the items you need to keep at top-of-mind awareness to keep your dogs and cats safe. Many of them, you’ll already know. But some may come as a surprise. Click to download a PDF version that you can print. 

Leading Causes of Accidental Dog and Cat Injury and Death
In and

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Does Severely Pruning Concord Grapes Kill Them?

Can you over-prune Concord grapes?

pruned grape vine

I love my Concord grapes. I love the way they look as a live privacy screen on my fence. I love getting to eat them off the vine in the fall.

So when I had to severely prune them back last fall in order to make repairs to my fence, I worried that I might have killed them. Over-pruning can really impact grape production.

You can see the hatchet job I did on this poor … Read more

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