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Dog Training

Helpful Pointers for Training Your Dog

Dog Aggression May Be Caused By Aggressive Treatment by Owners, New Study Finds

Having lived with and loved a rescue dog who came to me with aggression problems, and having been around the block with various training philosophies to find one that worked,  I’m happy to see that progress is being made in the understanding of what actually helps and what hurts.  While I know there are many Cesar Milan fans out there, research is beginning to discover what many good trainers have known for a long time — traditional punitive training can … Read More

Seeking “Smart Dog” Stories

Hey guys, want to make your smart dog famous?  I’m writing a book that will include stories about how dogs demonstrate their intelligence. I’d like to include a story about your Doggy Einstein if you’ve got a good one.

If you think for a moment, I’ll bet you can recall several stories.

To help jog your memory:

Has your dog ever demonstrated uncommon common sense?

Has your dog ever shown cleverness or trickiness in getting its needs met, or in any other

Read More

Teach Your Dog Hand Signals and Save Her Life

Nutmeg saved her old dog, Ezra’s life today. From all the way across the front yard and down across the street!

Ezra, Nutmeg’s beloved 12 year old boxer, got out the front door and wandered across the street, before Nutmeg had a chance to realize. With four kids and a busy house, it happens. But Nutmeg did see Ezra in time to watch the speeding car heading straight for her, as she was about to step into the street.

Nutmeg … Read More

When Should You Start Training Your Puppy

australian-shepherd-puppy-copy.jpgEvery encounter we have with our dogs is a training session– whether we know it or not.

So I start training consciously right from the very first day I get my puppy home. This keeps me focused on my behavior and interactions with my puppy, as well as hers with me. Doing so makes it less likely for an unwanted behavior to get very far before I can nip it in the bud. Good communication and redirection are key.

For … Read More

No Hurries, No Worries.

It’s been a loooooong time coming. Three years, to be exact.

Border Collie

Graidy loves to run — lives to run. And, for years, was happy doing laps around our fenced three acres. But, recently, he’s been interested in expanding his horizons, and has acquired a new favorite running buddy — Andrew. (I’m too slow for him. But with Kiera getting older, I’m just right for her. We’re bringing up the rear.) As you can see, Graidy is still learning how to … Read More

Control vs Self-Control

There is a trainer who shall remain nameless who believes in controlling a dog by what she calls the “Down Restraint Technique.” Translation: Alpha rolling a dog and keeping it pinned to the ground with an elbow in the dog’s throat, leaning on it’s side and having several people hold down the feet spread apart–yep, several people are required to pile on — until it submits.

The point of this?! Here’s the trainer’s rational: “What we’re doing is basically ‘de-throning’ … Read More

Donaldson and Dunbar Take On Dominance (and Dog Whisperers)

If you’re sick of hearing ccchhhhhtttttt, you’ll be happy to know that Dogwise is offering this DVD by Ian Dunbar and Jean Donaldson. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth viewing.

Here’s the blurb and link from Dogwise:

Many trainers today find themselves facing questions and comments from clients like “Why don’t you do it the way that guy on TV does it? I think my dog is being dominant and he needs to be shown who is boss.”

Read More

The Morning Bus Stop: Part 2 – Or How to Get Your Dogs to Stop Barking

To continue on the Bus Stop theme, I thought I’d share how I got my dogs to stop barking like maniacs every time the bus rounded the corner. But first a little background on how I came upon the solution:

I have a friend who I aspire to be when I grow up. She is a retired Ph.D. psychologist and is well into her second career as a dog trainer. In my opinion, she ranks as one of the top … Read More

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