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There’s a Cold North Wind Blowin’

Temps are in the sub-zeros for the next few days. And it feels like it!

But we’re ready! Wink’s getting good use out of his new winter coat this year. Oh, the extra rugs everywhere? Wink can’t handle wood floors anymore without his legs going out from under him. Getting old is hell.

dog wearing coat

If your dog is in need of a new coat, I just reviewed my top 5 picks for winter coats here »Read more

Because We All Could Use a Feel-Good Story

Dog Is Hailed as ‘Real-Life Lassie’ After Leading Police to Truck Crash

shepherd outside on snowy dayExcerpted from The New York Times: Two men lay unconscious on a frigid Vermont night until Tinsley, a led the authorities back to the site of the wreck.

At first, the officers were simply trying to catch Tinsley to get her out of … Read more

My Dog Ate Cat Litter-What Should I Do?

dog eating cat litter I know, I know. It’s gross. But your dog is in good company. Eating cat and, well, actually any other animal poop is not uncommon. And there are almost as many reasons as there are kinds of poop that dogs will eat. But that’s a subject for another post.

But the cat poop’s already out of the bag or I should say litter box. You know your dog has already been snacking. Now you want to know what to do. … Read more

5 Best Winter Coats for Dogs

Dog running in snow Should Your Dog Wear a Winter Coat? Short Answer—Probably Yes.

Different breeds have different tolerances to cold. Northern dogs (like Huskies and Malamutes) and Labradors have developed special physiological adaptations for coping with the cold. But many other breeds and individual dogs benefit from an extra warming layer in cold weather including: 

  • Dogs with insufficient fat stores to keep them warm
  • Short-haired dogs and/or breeds accustomed to warm temps
  • Immune-compromised dogs
  • Older dogs, especially those in poor health

In short, … Read more

Reason #61 Why Not to Get a Dog

Dog hair. Everywhere.

This is one day’s worth of dog hair in one room. Granted, this is shedding season. But, truthfully, pretty much all year is shedding season.

pile of swept dog hair

If you must have a clean house and clean clothes, you do not want a dog.

For dog lovers, the trade-off in love and joy received is worth the less than pristine house and clothes.… Read more

Should You Let Your Dog Sleep With You?

cavalier under bed covers I can always tell when Wink feels a little bit under the weather because that’s how much more he’ll bury himself under the covers. Just one of the many signs that are starting to pile up that his best days are in the rearview mirror. But that’s a subject for another post—how to prepare yourself to let go of a beloved pet…

This post is in answer to the oft-asked question: “Should I let my dog sleep with me?” And … Read more

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