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The Steering Wheel

Cait has a fear of fire. She seems to have been born with it. It’s been a frequent topic of conversation since the time she was first able to express herself. To help her with this concern, we’ve practiced fire drills at home, we have an action plan for what we’d do and where we’d go, and she helps me replace the batteries in the smoke detectors quarterly. Even with all our preparedness, she still occasionally needs to talk about … Read More

How Smart?

I live with a dog who is brilliant. Really. Kiera’s reasoning powers are on display everyday. (Graidy’s smart but doesn’t quite have the same wattage.) So when I come across articles that imply our animals might actually have consciousness and be able to think, I’m inclined to roll my eyes and think, Where have you been all your life–certainly not around animals. Because if you were around animals, you’d already know this.

A recent article of this ilk, What Read More

Band on the Run

Cait and I come home from grocery shopping for the dinner I’m making for my bookgroup. As I put the bags on the counter, I notice Andrew is having a glass of wine (meant for my soon-to-be-arriving guests).

Andrew isn’t much of a drinker and he knows the wine is for my friends. I look around for clues, but all looks perfectly fine. Nothing is out of place. The dogs and cat are lounging around the kitchen waiting to be … Read More

Kiera Died from a Gunshot Wound

No, no, it’s not what you think. My Kiera is alive and well, and right here happily dozing on my feet. It’s the Kiera from The Oregon Trail.

Cait and I have been playing this computer game she got for Christmas. It’s designed to teach children about the realities of 19th century pioneer life on the trail.

The Learning Company explains: The game helps kids build real-life decision-making and problem-solving skills; they have to choose their wagon party, manage … Read More

Frog Man and Other Terms of Endearment

Frog Man

Some dogs lend themselves to nicknames. Graidy is such a dog. He goes by The Graidster, Graidy-Gru (Cait came up with that one), Happy Boy, Circus Dog, Clown Boy, Barky Boy, Monkey Mon, Licky Boy, Dagger Paws (for as light as he is on his feet, when he stands on you, you’d think he weighs a ton), Funny Boy (he’s the funniest dog I’ve ever had)– and Frog Man, which is aptly descriptive, don’t you think?

Kiera My Love Kiera, on the other … Read More

Three Musketeers

The integration of Finnegan, Cait’s kitten, into our home as gone better than my wildest dreams. Both Kiera and Graidy have pretty high prey drives, so there was no guarantee that it would work out, never mind work out smoothly.

Now, wherever you find one, you’ll find the other two. They’ve become inseparable.

Three Muskateers

The usual bedtime at the Shanley’s.… Read More

If Pets Made New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are part and parcel of starting out the new year. As friends were talking about their lists, I started wondering what our pets’ New Year’s Resolutions might be.

Here’s a guess at my three fur balls’ resolutions:

Kiera, my Australian Shepherd’s resolution might be: “I will resolve to stop herding my people when they suddenly move too fast and make those herky-jerky motions. On second thought… Nah. Someone’s got to keep the order around here.”

Graidy, my … Read More

Herding Cats

As I open the back door to let Graidy (my Border Collie mix) in out of the rain, I fail to notice that Finnegan (our Maine Coon cat) has snuck up behind me. As Graidy comes scooting in, Finnegan goes shooting out.

After a few choice words (why does this only happen when the weather is crummy, and my shoes are nowhere to be found), I dash outside in stocking feet with no coat. I call Kiera (my Australian Shepherd) … Read More

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