Got It

For the last few years, whenever Cait’s been in the car with me, I’ve looked for opportunities to teach her about safe driving. I figure if I can slide in little tips and warnings over time, they’ll stick better and become automatic for her when she’s driving. It’s my chance to start her driver’s education early.

On a recent night, it was foggy and raining, which gave me the chance to explain why low beams work better under these driving … Read more

The Happy Box

“Mom I can’t get to sleep,” Cait yells from her bedroom. She’s been in bed for almost an hour.

“What’s the problem?” I yell back from my study.

“I’m having bad thoughts. I’m worried I’m going to have a nightmare.”

Since birth, my daughter has been inordinately sensitive to her environment. She takes things in that others hardly notice. The upside is that she’s very compassionate and caring. The downside is that any images, especially from TV, that are at … Read more

Leaves of Three – Let Them Be

I thought I was immune, but I guess I’m not anymore… For the first time in decades, I’ve got Poison Ivy. I got it pulling some vines off my trees. My hands are a blistered mess, which makes typing interesting. In others words, this’ll be a short post. Just a quick refresher for those who might have forgotten what Poison Ivy looks like.

poison_ivy.jpg This is what’s left of the vine that I foolishly grabbed with my bare hands.

Poison Ivy … Read more

Like Mom, Almost Like Daughter

Don’t all parents try to pass on their passions to their children? I know I try to at least share with Cait all the activities I love. Of course, the ulterior motive is to see if she’ll pick any of them up as interests, so that we can have things we enjoy doing together.

Naturally, some activities have clicked better than others; hiking, biking, going to the ballet, water color painting, and playing the piano. Most of my other interests … Read more

A Memoir

Cait’s assignment at school was to “write a memoir;” an essay on something that happened to her that fit the structure of memoir writing. At this stage, her teacher is not as concerned about punctuation as she is with getting the kids excited about writing.

This is what Cait wrote:

A Memoir

It was a warm day and I was 5, I was out in the garden picking peas with my mom and two dogs. My mother had asked me

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Has It Always Been So Peachy

From the mailbag: Samantha writes: You and Caitlin seem to have quite an amazing relationship. Has it always been so peachy? Don’t you ever lose your cool?

Dear Samantha: Like Kiera, my daughter came into my life to slap me upside the head and wake me up out of any sleep-walking through life I might have been inclined to do. From the very beginning, Cait has had a way of getting and holding my attention. Right from the emergency C-section, … Read more


“Mom, why do my eyes squint when I eat something sour?”

“It’s because of a pucker reflex.”

“Do you want some (Sour Skittles)?”

“No thanks, I don’t really like candy.”

“Mom, you’re not very kid-like.”

“I wasn’t very kid-like when I was a kid.”

“I’m a little kid-like, and a little not.”


“The kids on my bus are very kid-like. They had a burping contest this morning.”

“Can any of them burp the alphabet?”

“One kid got to ‘k’.”… Read more