End of an Era

endoferadrybr1.jpg Along with my stepson, Colin (the other handy person in our family), I built this swing-set for Cait several years ago. I sketched the plan, figured out the lumber list, got the materials home, and Colin and I had the whole thing built in a day. Andrew, who isn’t especially handy with tools, and Cait, who was four at the time, were very helpful go-fers. It has stood in sturdy stead all these years.

We built it because Cait had inherited my love of swinging. When I was a young kid, I think the repetitive motion induced a kind of meditative state for me; I could swing for hours, and often did. […]

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Kiera on Duty

KieraDuty Kiera sits as sentry, while Cait and I get ready for a little stargazing before shut-eye. No amount of coaxing will get her to join us in the tent. Her self-appointed job is to periodically patrol the perimeters of our property.

Good thing she’s safely fenced in and other critters fenced out, because we live on a little corner of the wild kingdom. Cait and I sleep well knowing that she’s on the job.

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Art is Everywhere

Caitlin does a wonderful job of taking care of her kitten, Finnegan. (I still can’t get over that my daughter has turned out to be a cat person rather than a dog person…) Except for one thing. She’s not loving cleaning the litter box, and so needs to be reminded.

When I ask her this morning, she replies that she hasn’t. I suggest that she take care of it, while it’s still fresh on her mind.

She starts walking out of the room to do it, hesitates, turns and says, “Mom, you know that Finnegan is quite an artist.”

“Yeah, what’s his canvas?” I ask.

“His litter box,” Cait says. “I’ve found all kinds of incredible shapes and images.”

“Really,” I reply, thinking that’s the […]

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Best Part

Cait and I have a longstanding bedtime tradition. She snuggles in, I sit next to her, and we talk about the day. We always start with Best Part, Worst Part, and Don’t Tell. Best Part is for talking about the best part of our day. Likewise for Worst Part. Cait came up with the Don’t Tell some years back when she’d desperately wanted to tell me a secret. It has morphed into sharing with each other anything about our day that the other one would find surprising, or wouldn’t otherwise know about. (This category has been a godsend for helping me keep a pulse on how Cait is doing, and on what, if anything, is bothering her.) Other categories have […]

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Dolphin Dreams

Cait and Basa

A couple of years back, Cait was facing some difficult changes. No amount of putting a happy face on how it would all work out made a dent. She was focused on the loss and the feeling that she couldn’t control what was happening to her. I watched my happy-go-lucky, optimistic daughter turn into a despondent worrier.

Having spent my professional adulthood looking deeply into people’s lives, I fully understood how, sometimes, it only took one life event to cause a sea change in one’s world view. A feeling of powerlessness wasn’t a belief I wanted my daughter internalizing.

As adults, we all know the expression “Attitude is everything” is an […]

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Going Convertible

Funny the memories that stick with you from childhood… This one’s been tucked away since I was a little girl. I’m riding in the back seat of a convertible. My hair is flying back and whipping around, slapping my face. The concussion of the wind makes my eyes squint and water, and tickles my eardrums. I can’t see the car, or even who’s driving. And I have no recollection of where we went. I do remember the feeling of the smile on my face and the sensation of being filled to bursting with sheer exhilaration.

Fast forward about forty years.

Being the safety-conscious nut that I’ve become, I’ve never owned a convertible. My nod to the joy of wind has been Sun […]

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