The Faery Woods

I love to hike in the woods. Before Cait was born, Kiera-1 and I’d take off and be gone the whole day– I’d pack a lunch, bring a book to read, carry some water, and we’d be set — just her and me in the middle of nature. There was nothing I loved more.

The first time I tried to take Cait hiking with me, she was just four. It was an abysmal failure. I’d made the mistake of forcing her to come even after she’d refused several times. The only thing it accomplished was to make Cait afraid of bears, though we saw no wildlife to speak of.

I had to do a lot of back-peddling just to get back to […]

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Cait dreamt about my father last night, which she does on occasion. My father and Cait had a thing for each other while he was alive. She often expresses how much she misses him, and how she really wishes that she had a grandfather. (Andrew’s dad died several years ago as well.)

Though my daughter has the most wonderful grandmother, my mother, in her life (and that counts for a lot), I feel badly for her that she doesn’t have a grandfather. It’s a definite break in the chain… There’s something about the Grandfather energy that bestows a feeling of wisdom and protection on a child. My father certainly bestowed as much on his other grandchildren who had the gift of […]

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Leaf Fairy


Just having finished raking the leaves from our beautiful Maple tree into a pile of brilliant reds and spun golds, it reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of Cait. She’s peeking out from under a leaf pile she’s just belly-flopped into. She’s only 4 yrs old here. How the years fly…

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Dream Catcher

I was awakened at 2:30 this morning by a flash of light outside our bedroom window.

I’m accustomed to the odd nighttime event, being a Dreamer and all, and this was definitely odd. Mainly because the dogs didn’t bark. Actually, I guess that was the good news. It meant there were no intruders on the property. (I’ve had intruders on my property before–during one of the very few times I didn’t have dogs–and it was the ultimate in creepy and scary.) So, when the dogs didn’t alert, I knew at least it wasn’t caused by anything human.

When it happened again, another flash, I got up to look out the windows to see if I could detect anything outside. All was quiet. […]

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Halloween–As I Remembered

Cait and I went Trick-or-Treating with friends last night, and, for the first time in decades, I experienced Halloween as I remembered it as a kid.

For a time, when I was young, we lived in a great neighborhood where everyone knew each other and the kids all played in one big pack. In that neighborhood, Halloween was celebrated with as much fanfare as Christmas. Everyone decorated their houses. Costumes were thought out and planned in advance. Halloween night had the feel of Marti Gras. Every house was lit up, and everyone walked in the streets, talking and gawking.

Since Cait’s been born, it’s seemed that Halloween has become a washed out, watered down version of itself, with a scare of razor […]

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A Great Day to be a Student


Cait has been pretty lucky with her teachers so far; they’ve all been good for her. This year is her luckiest yet. She has a teacher who loves the outdoors as much as she loves teaching kids. Every year, this teacher takes her class to the Nature Trails as part of her science unit. She uses nature to help bring science alive.

Today, for the second of several trips, Cait’s class spent an hour hiking through the woods, observing and recording. They measured, they listened, they sat by a stream and took notes. They found animal tracks (the picture on the […]

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Buffalo Girls

One of the last books I read just before Caitlin was born, almost eleven years ago now, was Larry McMurtry’s Buffalo Girls . How do I know that for certain? Because in that book is the chorus to the song, Buffalo Girls. It goes:

Buf-falo Girls won’t you come out to-night,

come out to-night, come out tonight,

Buf-falo Girls won’t you come out to-night,

and dance by the light of the moon.

And why would that chorus be memorable to me? Because in those early sleep-deprived days, when Cait’s idea of a long nap was 10 minutes, that was the only song, of all the songs I sang to her, that […]

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Looking Up — The Orionid Meteor Shower

Like dogs, I find that people fall into two main categories–those who look down and those who look up. By down I mean looking at what’s in front of us–the earthly things. By up I mean looking at what’s up in the sky–the vision of things happening overhead.

Like Graidy, who, as part bird dog, instinctively looks up to find movement (as contrasted by Kiera, my herder, who instinctively looks down and around for movement) I’ve always been drawn to looking up.

I’ve been a star-gazer since I was a little kid. It started back when I had to take my first dog out one last time before bed every night. While she was looking down and sniffing around, I was looking […]

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