Helpful Pointers for Training Your Dog

Time for Remedial Training — How to Reteach “Come”

King Charles Cavalier

Have you ever seen such a forlorn face? Wink wants to go run in the fenced field but he has lost privileges.

You see, he’s recently gone deaf. No, not completely. Only upon hearing the word “Come.” Then he’s stone deaf!

That’s because he’s found something he considers way more interesting than me. Namely, a place where the wild ducks are able to squeeze under the fence.

As soon as that gate is opened, he flies to that spot and furiously digs, trying to get to them. Thankfully, he doesn’t have the ability to compress himself to fit under such a small opening and I’ve place a stone there so he […]

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Do You Have a Sentry Dog?

Graidy is my Border Collie mix. I brought him home from Rescue going on 9 years ago. If you were to watch him run and play, you’d swear he was still a puppy–he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Yep, we’re talking high energy, perpetual motion machine!

white and black border collie

Given his breed and his native sensitivity–he’s more highly tuned than the most finely calibrated motion detector–he’s constantly on Red Alert! Nothing escapes his vigilant gaze. And I do mean NOTHING.

Whether it’s a vole half an acre away or a bird flying half a mile up in the sky or a person walking half a mile down […]

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Bringing Home an Australian Shepherd Puppy: What You Need to Know

From the Mailbag: Hi, I’m Jared. I just visited your site,and I want to know more about the basic things I have to get them and stuff to look out for. I’m getting a Red Tri Aussie next week and I want to be a good owner.

Jared, you don’t mention whether your new Red Tri Australian Shepherd is a puppy or an adult, so I’ll assume you’re getting a puppy.

Let me say that, in general, Australian Shepherds are not for everyone; they are herding dogs with high intelligence, agility, a strong prey drive and deep loyalty to their owner. You have to learn how to demonstrate good leadership ability in order to build a relationship both you and your dog […]

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Want to Talk with the Best Dog Book Authors — Join DogRead

Even though my dogs are well trained, and I’m fairly comfortable with my dog rearing skills, there’s always more to learn and I like to stay on top of the latest thinking and exploration. I’m lucky enough to have direct access to the top dog trainers and researchers in the world. Yes, in the world! I can ask the greatest dog minds any question I can think of.

But it’s not because I’m special. Anyone can participate in this unparalleled FREE learning experience. If you have a dog (or even if you’re thinking about getting a dog) and are interested in communicating and learning from the best, all you […]

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