Life Not Crazy Enough for Ya? Add a Third Dog.

I think it was John Lennon who said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Well “life” sure has been happenin’ around here. Not least of which is that I’ve somehow been roped into adding a third dog to our crew.

It all started when Cait began making serious noise again about wanting her own little dog (emphasis on little). Having zero interest in adding a third dog, I told her to take it up … Read more

Dog Chew Treats — Safe or Unsafe

All puppies and most grown dogs have a need to chew. While both Kiera and Graidy were chewers as puppies, Kiera could take or leave a bone or chewie now. Graidy still lives for them; he needs to chew. Perhaps your dog falls somewhere in the middle. Regardless, no doubt, at some point we’ve all bought our dogs a treat or chew toy. Who doesn’t like to treat their dogs occassionally? But did you know that the very treat you’re … Read more

The Newest Animal Linguist on the Block

Alex, the gray parrot, and Washoe, the chimpanzee, (both recently deceased) are back in the news in this month’s National Geographic Magazine, in an article about understanding the animal’s mind. In it, the newest kid on the “smarts” block is featured. Are you ready? Yep, a Border Collie named Betsy, who knows more than 300 words. Look to being hearing lots more about her.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this New York Times tribute to Alex and … Read more

Teach Your Dog Hand Signals and Save Her Life

Nutmeg saved her old dog, Ezra’s life today. From all the way across the front yard and down across the street!

Ezra, Nutmeg’s beloved 12 year old boxer, got out the front door and wandered across the street, before Nutmeg had a chance to realize. With four kids and a busy house, it happens. But Nutmeg did see Ezra in time to watch the speeding car heading straight for her, as she was about to step into the street.

Nutmeg … Read more

When Should You Start Training Your Puppy

australian-shepherd-puppy-copy.jpgEvery encounter we have with our dogs is a training session– whether we know it or not.

So I start training consciously right from the very first day I get my puppy home. This keeps me focused on my behavior and interactions with my puppy, as well as hers with me. Doing so makes it less likely for an unwanted behavior to get very far before I can nip it in the bud. Good communication and redirection are key.

For … Read more

“Dogtown” on National Geographic TV

This Friday, January 4 at 9pm ET/PT, a wonderful new short series is starting on the National Geographic Channel. Dogtown focuses on the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Here’s a short promo clip:
(for some reason, this link doesn’t work when I try to embed it.)

From the Best Friends Press Release:

National Geographic Channel Goes Inside Dogtown: Covering 33,000 Acres, It’s One of The Nation’s Largest No-kill Animal Facilities.New Series Goes Behind the Scenes at Sanctuary … Read more

101 Ways to Help Breed Rescue Without Adopting or Fostering

Having found two wonderful dogs through rescue, and having acquired several dear human friends in the process, I’ve become very familiar with not only how hard these people work, but what they accomplish with so little. So, especially, during this time of year, I try to do what I can to pitch in. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. Here are a list of ideas to help inspire you. (Your local shelter can use many of the same … Read more

Chocolate Danger Chart for Dogs

Hopefully, everyone knows that small amounts of certain kinds of chocolate (especially the dark chocolates) can kill your dog.

Jo, a reader, had a heart-stopping day when one of her dogs got into a box of chocolates. She found this National Geographic Chocolate Chart which lists different kinds of chocolates and lets you determine by your dog’s weight whether you need to rush your dog to the vet or let nature take its course.

To change the weight to what … Read more