Dangerous People Food for Dogs

Here we are, at the beginning of the holiday season, with lots of cooking and entertaining going on. Here is a list of foods that can be potentially poisonous for your dogs. Perhaps you’re already aware of most or all of them. I found a few that surprised me.

Here’s to safe and happy holiday season for you and your pets.

Foods and Substances That Could be Deadly for Your Dog:

  • Alcoholic Beverages: Can cause intoxication, coma, and death.
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Control vs Self-Control

There is a trainer who shall remain nameless who believes in controlling a dog by what she calls the “Down Restraint Technique.” Translation: Alpha rolling a dog and keeping it pinned to the ground with an elbow in the dog’s throat, leaning on it’s side and having several people hold down the feet spread apart–yep, several people are required to pile on — until it submits.

The point of this?! Here’s the trainer’s rational: “What we’re doing is basically ‘de-throning’ … Read more

Donaldson and Dunbar Take On Dominance (and Dog Whisperers)

If you’re sick of hearing ccchhhhhtttttt, you’ll be happy to know that Dogwise is offering this DVD by Ian Dunbar and Jean Donaldson. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth viewing.

Here’s the blurb and link from Dogwise:

Many trainers today find themselves facing questions and comments from clients like “Why don’t you do it the way that guy on TV does it? I think my dog is being dominant and he needs to be shown who is boss.”

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The Morning Bus Stop: Part 2 – Or How to Get Your Dogs to Stop Barking

To continue on the Bus Stop theme, I thought I’d share how I got my dogs to stop barking like maniacs every time the bus rounded the corner. But first a little background on how I came upon the solution:

I have a friend who I aspire to be when I grow up. She is a retired Ph.D. psychologist and is well into her second career as a dog trainer. In my opinion, she ranks as one of the top … Read more

If You Need a Smile —

I just love how this dog’s tail is wagging the whole time!

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Boarding Your Dog: Tips and Warnings

With summer vacations fast approaching, and having to make a decision on where to kennel my own crew for an upcoming annual family vacation, I’d like to share some tips and warnings on where and how to leave your pets behind.

Years back, I started with a highly recommended dog boarding kennel that I will never, ever use again! From there, I went to a kennel I adored that had been recommended by a dog-trainer friend, then moved on to … Read more

A Piece of My Heart

Magic has been on my mind a lot recently, as I help a friend who is trying to help her dog with some aggression issues. Fortunately for her and her dog, it’s not a neurological problem, as Magic’s was. With some consistency and strong, clear boundaries, I think they’ll both be fine.

Even while I can say I’ve finally gotten over the “what if’s” and the “if only’s” with Magic, I haven’t gotten over him. This quote pretty much sums … Read more

Automatic Lixit Dog Waterer


Having just talked about dogs overheating yesterday, it was serendipitous to find this post over at Dog Gone Blog today.

Jenn had asked about solutions to keep her dog from tipping over his water dish outside. Well here it is! Lixit Dog Waterer. I love brilliant, simple solutions. And this is a great one for keeping your dog in cold, clean water all summer long.

You just screw on the Lixit Faucet Dog Waterer to an outdoor faucet or … Read more