How to Tell if Your Dog is Overheating

I have two hot dogs panting around my desk. They’ve both been outside with me for the last hour trotting beside me while I mulched the lawn. Well, that’s what Kiera was doing. Graidy was mostly chasing birds. I took a look at their tongues, decided it was time to quit, and had them jump in their wading pool. We’ll cool it for the rest of the afternoon. It’s too hot out for prolonged non-stop exercise for them.

Dogs only … Read more

Remedies for Dogs with Thunderstorm Anxiety

thunderstorm.jpg I have a fool-proof thunderstorm detector — more accurate than the local weather Doppler system. And she’s sitting right here on my lap (which makes typing a bit of a challenge). So I know a thunderstorm will be hitting here within an hour or two.

Kiera never used to be bothered by thunderstorms, but for the last few years they’ve turned her into a quivering mess, courtesy of chronic Lyme disease. (Lyme can affect neurological functioning in all kinds of … Read more

Somehow They Know…

Having been away for a few days to help my mother, I walked into the house to my happily leaping dogs. Graidy came rushing up the chair in front of me and used it like a springboard to catapult himself up into my arms. Kiera, wanting to lick my face, had trampoline feet, she was jumping so high.

Finally, I brushed them both off, so I could sit down on the floor. Then, and only then, could we give each … Read more

Five Facts You Need to Know Before Choosing an Australian Shepherd

Kiera Australian Shepherd

She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

She’s also smart, athletic, a snap to train, devoted, telepathic, and my right-hand girl. In fact, she’s everything you could want in a dog — and more.

It’s the “more” part that gets most people into trouble. The truth is — for as beautiful and brainy as Australian Shepherds are — they aren’t for everyone.

The question is: Are they for you?

Let me walk you through a few key points to help you decide.… Read more

Most Current List Of All Recalled Dog Food

Go to List of all recalled dog food.

Menu Foods, Inc., expanded its recall Tuesday, April 10, to cat food not previously subject to the recall. The varieties of cat food in the United States and Canada now being recalled are included in the spreadsheet in the above link.

If your brand is on the list, make sure to check the code on the spreadsheet against the code on your can. If they match, stop feeding that food immediately and … Read more

How Best to Show Love for Wild Animals? Keep Your Distance.

romeowolf.jpg I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but this kind of thing drives me nuts. Recently, there was an article in the Anchorage Daily News about a wolf named Romeo who had become a regular visitor to the lake in town. As often happens when people have a love for wild animals, they want to get close. They want to have their own personal experience. But the ways in which people do this can spell trouble for themselves and … Read more

Wanderings–Home Cooking

With the whole Pet Food Industry debacle, it’s not a bad time to think about how you can begin switching your dog from kibble to cooked to raw. This site written by a vet, The Doggie Bag, A Bistro for Dogs, is kind of generic, but it will help get you going if you have any interest.… Read more

Are Bull Terriers Good With Children?

I know. What am I doing including an article on Bull Terriers? I thought you could use a good chuckle. That and a good friend of mine breeds them. Try substituting your breed’s name and see how much of it would apply to your beloved–unless, of course, you have one of the smaller, delicate breeds.

The following story titled “Are Bull Terriers Good With Children?” by Peggy Arnaud appeared in The Bull Terrier Club Of South Australia magazine in February … Read more