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Latest Dog Vaccine Recommendations

My vet has sent a reminder card to let me know that Kiera is due for a couple of vaccines. I’ll bring her in for titers to be taken. I stopped automatically vaccinating some years ago, after I’d extensively read up on the subject.

Here’s the gist of what I’ve learned:

The minimum duration of immunity for the four core vaccines (parvo, distemper, canine Adenovirus and rabies) was 3-7 years. (A USDA study I reviewed similarly showed an average 7-year efficacy for rabies vaccine. Because of the serious and zoonotic nature of this virus, the US has taken a rather bold position of prevention by requiring frequent boosters, 1-3 years in most states. Schultz, a leading vet on vaccine studies, says 3-5 […]

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How Smart?

I live with a dog who is brilliant. Really. Kiera’s reasoning powers are on display everyday. (Graidy’s smart but doesn’t quite have the same wattage.) So when I come across articles that imply our animals might actually have consciousness and be able to think, I’m inclined to roll my eyes and think, Where have you been all your life–certainly not around animals. Because if you were around animals, you’d already know this.

A recent article of this ilk, What is Your Pet Thinking by Sharon Begley, asks the question: If animals think (which numerous scientific studies have concluded many times over), what responsibility does that put on humans for the treatment of animals? An important question to be asked and deeply […]

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A Great Day in NYC and the DWAA Awards

Andrew, Cait and I took a trip to New York City on Sunday. It was the first trip to the Big Apple for Cait. I think the only time she closed her gaping mouth was to chew food! Andrew had been there on several occasions for book dealings with publishers, agents, etc. But I was the official hometown girl. I’d had an office there for 12 years, right across from Carnegie Hall, and had lived there for several of those twelve; so I got to play host, tour guide, taxi driver, and raconteur. You can’t live in New York City for that long and not accumulate a ton of stories.

While the catalyst for the trip was the Dog Writer’s Association […]

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Jon Katz, Dog Trainer or Trouble for Dogs

From the mail bag: Allie asks: Just wondering. What do you think of Jon Katz? As a person, a writer, and now a trainer?

Dear Allie, I can’t comment on Katz as a person; I’ve never met the man. And I know all too well how it can be hazardous to draw conclusions about someone who writes about pieces of his or her life. As a reader, it’s easy to think you know the whole person, when you really only know the small portrait they’ve painted.

I’ve read a couple of Katz’s books; he can tell a good story. Though I find some of the topics he writes about, and the way in which he writes about them maddening. For instance, I […]

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Whispers in the Wind

Last night the wolves called my name.
Not the name I now carry,
but the one I was known by,
a million winters ago.

How they knew it was me I am not sure,
for I knew it not myself,
but part of me knew,
and part of me answered,

“Come, my brothers, let us run together,
Let us weave the patches of moonlight
into a story, written on
the fresh fallen snow.

For the world in sunlight to know
that a band of brothers
passed this place in time.”

(excerpt from Whispers in the Wind)
by George Rodgers

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Marking Up My Winter Wonderland

(sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Dog tags ring, are you listenin’?
In the lane, snow is glistenin’.
It’s yellow, NOT white,
I’ve been there tonight,
Marking up my winter wonderland.

Smell that tree? That’s my fragrance.
It’s a sign for wand’ring vagrants;
“Avoid where I pee,
It’s MY pro-per-ty!
Marked up as my winter wonderland.”

In the meadow dad will build a snowman,
Following the classical design.
Then I’ll lift my leg and let it go man,
So all the world will know it’s mine-mine-mine!

Straight from me to the fencepost,
Flows my natural incense boast;
“Stay off of my Turf,
This small piece of Earth,
I marked it as my winter wonderland.

Author Unknown

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Dangerous People Food for Dogs

In the midst of the holiday season, with lots of cooking and entertaining going on, I thought I’d share some foods that can be potentially poisonous for your dogs. Perhaps you’re already aware of most or all of them. I found a few that surprised me.

Here’s to safe and happy Holidays for you and your pets.

Foods and Substances That Could be Deadly for Your Dog:

  • Alcoholic Beverages: Can cause intoxication, coma, and death.
  • Avocados: The fruit, pit, and plant are all toxic. They can cause difficulty breathing and fluid accumulation in the chest, abdomen and heart.
  • Bones: Cooked bones can splinter and damage a dog’s internal organs. Raw bones should always be supervised.
  • Chocolate (all forms): Can cause staggering, labored […]
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