Best Zucchini Recipes Ever!

Even if you don’t have your own garden, if your car’s been unlocked, you’ve probably been anonymously gifted with enough zucchini to feed an army. We gardeners like to share the wealth, as it were…

I’m here to help save the day. I have two recipes that are guaranteed to have everyone in your family (even your vegetable-hating kids) loving zucchini and asking for more. No joke.

So without further ado:


Zucchini Cauliflower Pie

I know, it sounds positively awful — zucchini and cauliflower?! How the heck did I come up with that! Can you say bumper crop of both? And what a happy surprise.

Bar none, this is a […]

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A Garden Journal


As I’m getting ready to harvest my garlic, I do what I’ve always done every year. I go grab my garden journal to get ready to record the harvest date, and the yield and quality of the bulbs.

I’ve been keeping a journal of my garden almost since I began. It’s a habit I picked up from the old woman who taught me.

She drummed into my head, “Karen, if you want to see if what you’re doing works, you’ve got to keep a record! Without the ability to compare year to year, seed to seed, and method to method, you might as well just throw your […]

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Now THAT’S What I Call a Rainbow!

My gardens were treated to a thirst-quenching rain today. And I was treated to a spectacular double rainbow like I’ve never seen.

Nature—she’s a beautiful thing…