Almost Time for Planting….

seedlings in hot house

In the Northeast, we use Mother’s Day as the official opening for our gardening season. For those of us who want to get a jump on growing, starting seedlings a month or two in advance is a way of life.

Before I can plant these outdoors, I’ll start hardening them off by putting them outside in a sheltered sunny spot for a few hours a day. That will help lessen the transplant shock.

Then I’ll direct seed the rest of my garden, so that I’ll have a good rotation of vegetables in varying stages of production throughout the growing season.

Only another gardener would understand how exciting it is to see […]

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Spring is Springing

Spring is springing around here—worrisomely, a bit too early…  If you know of anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming, just send them along to my place. With temps in the 70’s and 80’s for the past two weeks in the middle of March, Mother Nature is clearly a little confused. None of this should be happening for at least another month!

Peonies breaking dormancy                                                        Crabapple tree budding

All my trees are starting to bud too early                                   Grass greening up and growing

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