Growing Older Together

Cait’s sitting on her favorite seat in the house — me. As she’s done since she was a baby, she brushes the hair back from my face with both her hands so she can see my whole face.



“You’re getting white hairs!”

Cait has announced this with some alarm. As though, for the first time, she’s realizing the clock’s not standing still.

“You can’t get old,” she adds with a hint of worry in her voice.

I joke, … Read more

The Morning Routine

Cait’s and my morning routine goes something like this:

I get up around 4:30 a.m., go downstairs, get the coffee going, let the dogs out, go back upstairs with coffee and dogs, and write for a few hours. Then I wake up Cait, get her breakfast, sit and chat with her while she eats, wait for the first bus to go by (which means there’s exactly five minutes until her bus will arrive), double-check that she has everything she needs … Read more

A Bit Drab Today

As I stand by the door, waiting for the dogs to do their business, I look up at the heavy gray sky; there’s a winter storm brewing. It reminds me of a conversation that took place on our way to Lake Placid a while back.

Andrew and I were in the front seat, and McLean and Caitlin were in the back. We were happy to have Mac with us, as he was home on break for a short while and … Read more

Does Job and is Quiet

“Dad, Finn really likes you,” Cait says.

“I like Finn,” Andrew says.

“Finally, an animal you have no complaints about,” I say.

“That’s because there’s nothing to complain about. He does his job (Finnegan-now 9, Mice-0) and he’s quiet.”

“Sounds like a dating ad: Does job and is quiet,” I say. “Kiera and Graidy do their jobs too, you know.”

“Yep. We’ve got one dog who herds anything moving on the ground, one dog who herds anything moving up in … Read more

Does Cait Read Your Blog?

From the Mail Bag: Several people have asked if Cait reads my blog.

The short answer is: No she doesn’t.

Cait knows I write a blog as part of my writing work, and that sometimes I write about her and her dad. But she thinks it’s mostly all about the dogs, and she doesn’t have any desire to read about them.

I also don’t want her reading the blog. If she did, I’ve no doubt she’d go theatrical on me, … Read more

I’ve Created a Monster

It’s near dinnertime. Cait comes running in through the door from an after-school activity and, as all kids do, drops her book-bag on the floor and makes a bee-line for the refrigerator. She swings the door open, stands there, and peers in for several minutes.

I tell her, “You’ve seen everything in there long enough to have it memorized. Close the door and stop letting all the cold air out.” I add, “When you figure out what you want, then … Read more

You Know You Want To

My daughter is doing a jig, jumping on her bed in her pajamas, and singing, You know you want to… Uh huh, uh huh. Her arms are flailing around up over her head as if raised in a Hallelujah chorus.

I’m laughing so hard, I momentarily forget how tired I am.

Cait wants me to tickle her. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve had nearly nightly tickle fights since she’s been a baby. But, tonight, I’m just plain too tired. … Read more