Band on the Run

Cait and I come home from grocery shopping for the dinner I’m making for my bookgroup. As I put the bags on the counter, I notice Andrew is having a glass of wine (meant for my soon-to-be-arriving guests).

Andrew isn’t much of a drinker and he knows the wine is for my friends. I look around for clues, but all looks perfectly fine. Nothing is out of place. The dogs and cat are lounging around the kitchen waiting to be fed as usual. Before I have a chance to ask Andrew if there’s been some bad news, he waves a hand at the animals, and says, “Band on the run” (My husband often speaks in song lyrics, doesn’t yours?)

“What?” I […]

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Three Musketeers

The integration of Finnegan, Cait’s kitten, into our home as gone better than my wildest dreams. Both Kiera and Graidy have pretty high prey drives, so there was no guarantee that it would work out, never mind work out smoothly.

Now, wherever you find one, you’ll find the other two. They’ve become inseparable.

Three Muskateers

The usual bedtime at the Shanley’s.

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Of Christmas Trees and Cats

We put our Christmas tree up last week. We wanted to wait for McLean to get home, because he and Cait have been the tree decorators for the last several years. (Colin, living so far away now, rarely makes the decorating ceremonies.) Mac and Cait have their own system, and do a very nice job. Mac’s very artistic and takes great care with the overall look. Cait often looks to him for proper ornament placement.

“Mac, here?” she’ll ask his opinion.

“Try moving it a little more toward that open space there,” he’ll suggest.

Andrew and I’ll sit, happily watching them create another masterpiece.

Except this year, the masterpiece fills only the top half of the tree. The bottom half is naked. Unadorned. Bare.

This […]

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Herding Cats

As I open the back door to let Graidy (my Border Collie mix) in out of the rain, I fail to notice that Finnegan (our Maine Coon cat) has snuck up behind me. As Graidy comes scooting in, Finnegan goes shooting out.

After a few choice words (why does this only happen when the weather is crummy, and my shoes are nowhere to be found), I dash outside in stocking feet with no coat. I call Kiera (my Australian Shepherd) out, and pray that she and I aren’t too rusty. We’ve had a very short herding season this year due to an injury.

Finn is making a forty yard dash to the back woods. I send Kiera for an outrun.

“Go by.” I […]

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Finnegan-4, Mice-0

I came downstairs this morning to find Finnegan having great fun tossing around one of his toys in play. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a dead mouse — the forth in as many months. I felt a mixture of sadness and relief. Sadness at the loss of a life. Relief that Finn is cleaning up the place; something we haven’t been able to do with all our have-a-heart traps.

We live in an old farm house. It’s been a great old house, full of laughter and love–and small furry critters. I don’t know which we have more of; mice or bats. It’s been an ongoing battle just to keep them in check. I don’t mind the bats so […]

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Finnegan Begin Again


Okay, so I was only joking. Of course Finnegan is a cat and not a dog. In fact, I think he’s at least part, if not all, Maine Coon cat, which would explain his heavily tufted ears and his big, bushy tail. It would also explain his dog-like personality, and his superior hunting skills. Just ask the mice around here. If you can find any left.

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Our Third Dog


We got a new dog about three months ago. He’s six months old now. Isn’t he gorgeous?

What? You think he looks like a cat?

Rub those eyes one more time, please, because I’m telling you Finnegan is a dog — through and through. So what that Mother Nature screwed up and put him in a cat’s body; he knows he was meant to be a dog, shoulda been a dog, is a dog in his own mind.

He follows Cait around wherever she goes. When she sits, he likes to lie at her feet. He plays a good game of fetch. When he plays rough-and-tumble with the dogs, he usually wins. He turns his nose up […]

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