On the Hunt

It’s in the air today, along with the gathering thunder clouds.  Everyone around here is hunting for something.

Our Great Blue Heron is on the hunt for his lunch.


He seldom misses.


He’s snagged himself a nice fish.

Oh, there’s something else fishing there along the side of the pond!


Is it our Fisher (a weasel)?

maine coon

Nope. I’d recognize that fluffy tail anywhere. Looks like Finn’s found some good hunting by the pond too.

Kiera and Wink are hunting for a safe place to get away from the thunder.

When Life Dumps a Truckload of Manure in Your Driveway

Ever go through one of those times where you wake up in the morning to find a truckload of manure in your driveway? You didn’t order it. You don’t need it. You can’t return it, because the midnight interloper has left no forwarding address. And you’re not going to be able to get your car out of the garage until you get the pile moved.

What’s a person to do?

Why, read a book and plant a garden, of course.

On the book front — as Cait continues to face some of the emotional challenges of becoming a teenager, I’m always looking for ways to help her put it into perspective. I’m a firm believer that learning how to keep one’s balance and […]

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