“Handy” Tips

One of the ways I help myself miss Cait a little less is to text her. I was sharing outdoor survival tips from a TV show I was watching.

Helpful tips

Glad to see her sense of humor is still in tact.

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Truer Words Were Never Spoken

We’re in the countdown hours until Cait leaves for college. I’ve been trying to hold onto every moment.

Apparently, I haven’t been too subtle about it.  While stopping at our favorite ice cream place as part of our end-of-summer rite, I was yet again asking my daughter where she was off to next and when she would be returning home.

She looked at me with a wistful smile and said, “Mom, you’re never going to be able to store up enough to fill the void, no matter how much time we spend together…”

Somebody just shoot me now please.

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When Cait was little, it was always a challenge to find enough fun things to do at home. Since we didn’t live in a neighborhood, there were no ready friends running and playing from house to house. Nope, it was just me and Cait. And the animals.

I was always looking for ways to keep Cait happily occupied for stretches of time so I could get some work done. When I saw this at Home Depot the other day I had to smile because, back in the day, I would have scooped this up in a heartbeat!


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The First of Many Lasts

mike The official countdown of “Lasts” has begun, as Cait rolls into her final quarter of her senior year.

Last night was the last talent show that I’ll ever attend with Cait at her high school.

After an exhausting day of  long meetings and short deadlines, I got home well after supper. Cait took one look at my bedraggled self and said, “Mom, you don’t have to come.”

I didn’t let myself sit down at the table because I knew that would have been the end of me; I wouldn’t have been able to drag myself anywhere except to bed.

I didn’t even take off my coat. I grabbed a bite standing up, walked back toward the […]

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Where Has the Time Gone…?

She’ll always be my baby.


But this baby just got news that she’s received a full academic scholarship to the college she’ll be attending. alaska2

It’s been a wonderful ride. Can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend! : )

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Gardening in November– Sort of…

Even though I put my gardens to bed last month, I’ve still got garden dirt under my nails. That’s because Cait has conscripted me to help her get her biology project started.

Biology Project

She asked me to get 30 pea seeds to grow so that she can then see how they fare with various amounts of water everyday. As you can see, she has 6 groups of 5 plants that she will be summarily stunting to various degrees by over or under-watering. 

I made her move them into her room because it kinda goes against my nature to deliberately try to kill anything–even for the sake of science. I know… I’m a wuss.

Anyway, I’m […]

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How Could I Have Forgotten…

Cait came running in to alert me and my niece who’s visiting about the new iPhone update — ios7.

Cait: “Look at this! They’ve changed everything!  I don’t like it.”

Amanda: “Oh yeah, it’s that new flat color look.”

Me: “I like it. I’m gonna grab my phone and update it.”

Amanda yelling at me as I run from the room, “You early adopter, you!”

I come back with my phone and ask Cait how to get the upgrade, since I don’t live on my phone and she does.

She doesn’t hear because she’s busy showing Amanda all the different changes and how the screens work differently. She’s flipping through her little tutorial so quickly that I can’t even really keep up. Me, who is a […]

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