Changes in the Neighborhood

We’ve lived on our sweet little country road for more than two decades—which is more than twice as long as I’ve lived anywhere else. People who live on this road tend not to move once they get here. And their animals tend to live to ripe old ages. And the wild animals, because they’re left in peace, also live long and have become part of the finely knit fabric of this little community. I often joke that it must be something in the water…

In my daily walks over those two decades, I’ve come to know and appreciate most all of the 2-legged and 4-legged beings, and look forward to meeting up with them along the way. […]

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Shaking Up Traditions

Tradition–the glue that binds individuals, families, cultures…

When I think about our family traditions, we have two kinds. The traditional traditions that most Americans fall back on, and many that have grown organically over the years that are unique to us.

I have to say, I enjoy the organic ones the most. Cait has been the instigator of many of my personally favorite traditions like “Best Part, Worst Part, Don’t Tell,” “Bedtime Tickle Fights,” and “So, What Should We Talk About?

I got to thinking about those organic traditions during a ballet that Cait and I attended recently. You see, I unintentionally started a tradition back when Cait was […]

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The Slippers Tell All

shoes1.jpg You’re thinking those are funny looking slippers, I know. And you’re wondering what a pile of random shoes has to do with telling anything. In our house, this would tell you how many people have been here today.

And what do mismatched shoes strewn about have to do with people entering your home, you might muse. When Graidy gets excited, his natural inclination is to gently grab your hand and lead you into the kitchen. To curb that tendency, I’ve kept a pile of old socks by the back door so he can “put a sock in it” so to speak. (Those have long since disappeared to who knows where.) Actually, what I […]

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I Miss These Days…

With a beloved dog getting ready to move on to the next world, and a beloved daughter getting ready to move on to college, I’m doing all I can to slow down time. I’ve been laughing all morning looking through an old scrapbook. Any parents out there–I thought you could relate to this one.

Letter to Tooth Fairy

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Maybe There’s Hope After All

Cait’s schoolwork load is insane this year. When she expressed discouragement to a friend, this is the video he sent back to her. I know many people worry about the quality of this younger generation coming up the ranks. But if this is some of the stuff kids are sharing, maybe we don’t need to be so worried after all…

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So You’d Like Me to Hitch Hike

“Mom, can I take the train in to Boston to go to a Red Sox game with Dan?”

“Just you and Dan?”

(Both kids are only 16. Dan is one of Cait’s many guy friends.)


“How come he’s inviting you and not one of his buddies?”

“They’re all Yankees fans. I’m the only Red Sox fan he knows.”

(What my daughter also fails to mention is that she lives for adventure!)

“Where does the train get in? How far is it from Fenway Park? What route are you going to walk to get there?”

“We’ll just have a couple of blocks to walk from the station and it’s the main drag with lots of stores.”

[I confer with and get encouragement from Andrew’s brother and sister who live […]

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What’s In a Name?

Cait was doing her homework at the kitchen table while I was getting dinner ready.

Out of nowhere, she started, “Mom, Shanley is a funny name. It’s kind of hard and soft sounding at the same time. And I always have to spell it because no one ever gets it right.”

“I don’t even wait for people to ask me to spell it anymore, I just automatically do now,” I said in agreement.

“And I always end up toward the back of all the lines at school.”

“Yeah, I did too,” I commiserated (though my maiden name fell in the 2nd half of the alphabet, it was mercifully common enough that I never had to spell it).

“What do you think about ‘Dawnly’?” Cait continued. […]

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