Longest Day of the Year

The summer solstice is the day of maximum sunlight hours, bringing the longest day and shortest night of the year.

I’d like to think we put it to maximum use.

As usual, Graidy greeted me at 4:50 a.m.by jumping up on the bed and licking my face until I woke up. Next to me on the floor, was Kiera on her dog bed. Finn was perched on the open window sill, twitching at every birdsong. The furry contingent and I … Read more

Warning Labels

On a recent, rather hot evening, Cait and I were waiting in the air-conditioned car while Andrew volunteered to get everyone ice cream cones. We’d all just finished hitting a bucket of golf balls at the driving range.

Andrew, interested in getting Cait good enough at golf to become a golfing buddy, had been trying to get her to the driving range to practice her swing. Lately, all she’s been interested in is challenging either me or Andrew to badminton … Read more

The Normal Thing to Do

Having grown up with animal-filled farms abutting our property, and adding to that our own four-legged menagerie, I learned early to keep a weather eye for all animals. And I learned to step in and do whatever needed doing, because the consequences of not doing could mean death for an animal (and injury or death for the unsuspecting motorist zipping around a corner to find an animal in the middle of the road).

For instance, take the time I saw … Read more

I Knew That

Cait has finally reached the age where she’s been made aware by friends of clothes labels. I always knew that I was on borrowed shopping time, because this kid came out of the womb with her own sharp sense of fashion style. I’m happy to have gotten away with outlets and discount stores with her for as long as I have, you see, because unlike my daughter I could care less about fashion. I lean more toward ‘if you’re covered, … Read more

Buying Time

What I like most about my laptop is the freedom it gives me to set up shop anywhere in the house. This evening, I’ve parked myself in the living room by the fireplace. There’s nothing I love better than working by the warmth of a crackling fire.

Having finished her homework, Cait is drawn by the cozy flames. With a good book in hand, she makes herself comfortable in the chair across from me, knowing full well that in a … Read more

If I Had It to Do Over Again

Having recently had an interesting conversation with a friend who’s expecting her first baby, it got me to thinking about another conversation I had more than a decade ago.

Before I had Cait, I’d once asked a dear friend, if she had it all to do over again, would she still have kids. She hesitated for several long seconds before she answered. That hesitation spoke volumes. She finally said, “Probably not.” I was a little surprised by the answer, but … Read more


There’s another snowstorm blowing in. It got me to thinking about how one’s perspective can change over time…

Before I became a mom, my idea of winter splendor was this. Pristine, untouched snow. No footprints. No snow shaken from branches on which it gently rests. No sign of humans anywhere.

Monochromatic stillness.


Since I’ve been a mom, my idea of winter bliss has changed. Colorful splashes of coats. Rosy red cheeks. Footprints everywhere. Long channels of compressed snow rolled for … Read more

Nurse Kiera

Cait has a touch of the flu. And there’s only one way to get her to rest.

Kiera has to just about physically lie on top of her. And then stay with her until she falls asleep. Nurse Kiera is always up for the job.


This time, Kiera stayed with Cait for the entirety of her four hour nap. When Cait woke, her fever had broken, and the worst of the symptoms were behind her.

There is no stronger medicine … Read more