Why I Don’t Use a Flexi-Leash

What’s the matter with using a Flexi-leash?

This quick video about covers it.

All kidding aside… (You don’t know what I’m kidding about? Go back and watch the video! It takes 2 seconds.)  Flexi-leashes require tension on the leash in order to keep the line pulled out and thus teach dogs to pull.

And if you already have a dog who pulls (because maybe you haven’t had the time to properly train him how to walk on a leash?) then … Read more

Is It Fear or Aggression or Both or Neither?

I have an adolescent male Aussie who, when on the leash, gets extremely worked up when he senses (hears, sees) another dog. All his attention goes straight to “I gotta get to that dog! I gotta get to that dog!”.

There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood and thankfully most of them are leashed when their moms and dads walk them. However, Remy (my aussie) has a meltdown even if the dog is several blocks away.

We’ve tried

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How Many Dogs Old are You?

4dogsOver the years, many people have asked for help on how to pick the perfect dog. I’m always happy to assist when I can. I usually start by asking: How many dogs old are you?

Huh? you say.  Are you asking me how old in dog years I am?

No, it’s not a sneaky way to calculate your age. Rather, it’s a very important question in a list of questions that need to be asked to ascertain what kind of … Read more

Here’s to a Happy and SAFE Holiday Season


Twas the Night Before Christmas

and all through the house

All the creatures were stirring

One might even say conferring

On where all the goodies were hidden

Not realizing they were forbidden…


With the flurry of holiday preparations and all the comings and goings, it’s a time when we may be more distracted than normal. And therefore a time when our dogs may find their way into any number of things that could poison or kill them.

poison At this … Read more

Need a Thoughtful Christmas Gift Idea?

cam I know I’ve already reviewed this product, but I’m so happy with my Vimtag remote surveillance camera that I wanted to share it again in case you need a great gift idea for a pet-loving person in your life.

If you know someone who has to regularly leave a beloved pet behind for most of the day, you know the relief they would feel being able to check in on their dogs or cats to see if all is … Read more

How to Turn Any Stranger into Your Dog’s Friend

Dog Food Door With the holidays (and lots of company) approaching, if you want to enter our house in relative peace, it’s best to come bearing gifts.

Specifically, dog food treats are most welcome. But if you’ve forgotten yours at home, no worries. I’ve attached a container of kibble right at garage door knob level. You can’t miss it coming in.

Think of it akin to entering church, where you bless yourself with holy water before entering. Kinda like ensuring good luck–

Only, … Read more

Here’s the Perfect Video Camera to Monitor Your Dogs While You’re Away

Have a dog at home that you’d like to keep an eye on while you’re out?

There are all kinds of security video monitoring cameras out there, and most of them do a good job. So how do you select the right one for you?

I wanted one that had really good video quality, was easy to set up, easy to operate, and wouldn’t break the bank.

camboxAfter doing some research, all roads led to Vimtag . At $100, it’s … Read more

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix—Good Idea?

aussie-lab-mix Seems there are a LOT of Aussie mixes out there that people have questions about. After helping a friend evaluate an Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix, I’ve been getting a ton of mail asking what I thought of an Australian Shepherd Lab  mix.

This one is a lot easier to answer! If you have the time and space to exercise a high energy dog–this may just be the perfect combo. There are just a couple of things to be mindful … Read more