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So You Think You’d Like an Australian Shepherd?

Black Tri Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherds, affectionately know as “Aussies,” are becoming more and more popular as more and more people discover the breed. Understandably, many people are attracted by their looks and intelligence.

They absolutely do make great dogs for the right people. And, like Border Collies, they definitely aren’t for everyone.

If you’re considering an Aussie, please take to heart the following information I’ve posted with permission from ARPH. Too many good Aussies wind up in Rescue because their owners don’t really take the time to learn about the breed first, and then aren’t able to handle the energy and intelligence […]

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4th of July Fireworks Remedies for Dogs

fireworks dog hiding A Dog’s Perspective on Fireworks

Fireworks—classic component of the July 4th holiday weekend.  Large crowds gather to watch the night sky turn technicolor. Often spectacular. Always noisy.

Almost always anxiety-producing for dogs.

If Wink could climb inside my skin to hide, he would. Graidy, who never used to be that bothered by fireworks, now turns into a quivering mess, courtesy of chronic Lyme disease. (Lyme can affect neurological functioning in all kinds of weird ways, this being one of them.)

As soon as the fireworks start, both dogs start showing signs of acute stress — panting, shivering, pacing, whining, drooling, dilated pupils, and the desire to be physically touching me.

Remedies for Dog Anxiety […]

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Lyme Bulls-Eye on Dogs

Tick Bullseye Some vets will tell you that dogs don’t get the common bulls-eye rash that humans do when infected with Lyme disease. I’m here to tell you that dogs absolutely do.

Right now, Graidy’s got a beaut of a rash on his inner thigh. His fur is white and very fine, so it’s easy to see down to his skin. (That’s a photo of his bite. Sorry, I couldn’t get a better shot, Graidy wasn’t interested in staying still, but it shows the ring pretty well.) I’ve found them on Wink as well, though, with his thicker fur, they’re not as easy to spot. Whenever I pull any kind of […]

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Housetraining Your Dog and Putting It on Cue

Border Collie There are times in life when I just don’t feel like standing around while my dogs find the perfect spot on which to relieve themselves. Like when the temperature outside is in the minus digits. Or, when I’m in a hurry to go somewhere and I don’t have hours for them to decide to do the deed. Or, when it’s late and I’m so tired that I’m not sure what’s holding me upright any longer. I’m sure you could think of a few circumstances to add to the list.

There’s a simple solution. You can teach your dogs to relieve themselves on cue. Yep, that’s right; they do their business on command. […]

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Why I Don’t Use a Flexi-Leash

What’s the matter with using a Flexi-leash?

This quick video about covers it.

All kidding aside… (You don’t know what I’m kidding about? Go back and watch the video! It takes 2 seconds.)  Flexi-leashes require tension on the leash in order to keep the line pulled out and thus teach dogs to pull.

And if you already have a dog who pulls (because maybe you haven’t had the time to properly train him how to walk on a leash?) then a flexi-leash will ensure that you will always have a problem walking your dog. I know. Harsh, but true.

Here’s just one of the all-too-frequent occurrences that can run from simply dangerous to frighteningly deadly: When your dog is at […]

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Is It Fear or Aggression or Both or Neither?

I have an adolescent male Aussie who, when on the leash, gets extremely worked up when he senses (hears, sees) another dog. All his attention goes straight to “I gotta get to that dog! I gotta get to that dog!”.

There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood and thankfully most of them are leashed when their moms and dads walk them. However, Remy (my aussie) has a meltdown even if the dog is several blocks away.

We’ve tried treats (the good, better, best theory), his favorite toys, asking him to work (sit, down, heel, etc.), going the other direction (avoidance), but nothing seems to calm him down or works to redirect […]

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