Go To The Dark!

I needed to get a tool out of the garage to finish a project I was working on. As I turned on the light, there was a bat flying low and circling around the garage. Then it starting flying around the light. I quickly opened the garage door, waved my arms and yelled, “No, not the light! Go to the dark! Go to the dark!”

Guess it’s all a matter of perspective…… Read more

Rhythms of the Season


Twice a day, for the past few weeks, the Canadian Geese have been flying overhead from the fields to the lake and back again, as they work to store up food.

Morning and evening, hundreds of them decorate the sky like fluid strands of necklaces. There are so many of them that I can hear the concussion of their wings beating the air like drums. They honk in chorus, flying in formation, getting ready to sing their way south.

The … Read more

The Faery Woods

I love to hike in the woods. Before Cait was born, Kiera-1 and I’d take off and be gone the whole day– I’d pack a lunch, bring a book to read, carry some water, and we’d be set — just her and me in the middle of nature. There was nothing I loved more.

The first time I tried to take Cait hiking with me, she was just four. It was an abysmal failure. I’d made the mistake of forcing … Read more

The Turkeys Are Back!


The wild turkeys are back — for the first time in several years!

When we first moved here fifteen years ago, they beat a regular path through our property. Then the coyotes moved in. I thought that was the end of them. I’m so happy that they’ve made a comeback! And that they’re once again part of our little wild kingdom.… Read more

Wanderings–Pete’s Pond

Pete’s Pond is a National Geographic real time video of the African wildlife that uses this watering hole. Cait and I’ve seen –and heard– elephants, hyenas, all kinds of birds, and some lionesses, among other animals. Best viewing times: 4-8 pm EST (night viewing) and 12-4 am EST (dawn and early morning viewing)

From the National Geographic site: “Pete Le Roux carved Pete’s Pond into the landscape as his answer to the rampant poaching and senseless killing of Africa’s wildlife. … Read more

A Great Day to be a Student

groupwoods.jpg CaitRock racoonfeet.jpg

Cait has been pretty lucky with her teachers so far; they’ve all been good for her. This year is her luckiest yet. She has a teacher who loves the outdoors as much as she loves teaching kids. Every year, this teacher takes her class to the Nature Trails as part of her science unit. She uses nature to help bring science alive.

Today, for the second of several trips, Cait’s class spent an hour hiking through the woods, observing and … Read more

Looking Up — The Orionid Meteor Shower

Like dogs, I find that people fall into two main categories–those who look down and those who look up. By down I mean looking at what’s in front of us–the earthly things. By up I mean looking at what’s up in the sky–the vision of things happening overhead.

Like Graidy, who, as part bird dog, instinctively looks up to find movement (as contrasted by Kiera, my herder, who instinctively looks down and around for movement) I’ve always been drawn to … Read more

The Coyotes

From the Mail Bag: I’d love to hear more about your coyotes, S.B., a reader writes in. She goes on to ask: Have you always had them nearby? When did you start having the coyote dreams? Have they taken over your area or are they remaining a stable population? I am fascinated by the relationship you and Kiera have with them!

Dear S.B.: The first time I heard or saw them was the night I was looking at Magic’s … Read more

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