I was having a conversation with a friend who works with Australian Shepherd Breed Rescue. We were discussing how we both wish there was a better word than “Rescue.” It’s pejorative to all the people who have legitimate reasons for having to relinquish their dogs, and not sufficiently incriminating to those who irresponsibly or impulsively get a dog and then irresponsibly or impulsively look to dump the dog.

So we were trying to come up with a new term that … Read more

How to Find the Right Dog Breed for Your Family

You’re thinking about adding a loving addition to your family. No, not another kid; you either have enough of those or you’re not quite ready to start down that path. So what’s the perfect choice? Yep, dogs.

sdogs.gifThere are more than 400 breeds of dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC) and the National Kennel Club (NKC). That’s without including all the combinations of mixed breeds, which can push the selection options up into the … Read more

What My Herding Dogs Have Taught Me

I was recently asked by an interviewer what I’ve learned from my dogs. Since he was referring to Dogs of Dreamtime, he was specifically asking about Kiera, Magic, and Molly.

To put into context some of what I’ve learned from my animals, it helps to know that, left to my own devices, I gravitate toward intense herding breeds. Kiera is an Australian Shepherd. Graidy is a Border Collie mix. Magic was an English Shepherd mix, who died from Lyme … Read more

The New Normal

It’s been a month since Kiera  got hit with Vestibular Disease. As most dogs resolve on their own within two weeks, it’s looking as though Kiera has probably improved as much as she’s going to. Which means she’s permanently left with the head tilt and unsteady gait. Which means no more stairs. Which means we now live with ramps everywhere inside and out.
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Geriatric Canine Vestibular Disease

I’ve been nursing Kiera through a mean case of Vestibular Disease for the past two weeks. Oddly enough, it came on at the Vet’s office while we were there for her annual exam. From the time she jumped out of the car and got into the exam room, from all appearances, it looked as though she’d had a stroke. Her head tilted, her gait was unsteady, her tongue hung out to one side. By the end of the visit, she … Read more

A Beautiful Sight

Border Collie

What’s so beautiful about a dog eating, you might wonder.

What you can’t see, is that Kiera has already finished, while Graidy continues to eat.

What’s the big deal about that, you might ask.

When I first met Graidy, he was a sack of bones. And that was after he’d been eating well in rescue for more than a month! I can’t imagine how emaciated, how close to death, he was when he was first found as a city street … Read more

Problem-Solving Dog Furniture

Because we live in an old farmhouse, we are always short on storage space. We have no attic or basement to speak of, so we need to take advantage of every way we can to make storage. In my perennial quest to get and stay organized, I came across these great ideas.

Folding Pet Home And OttomaDoggie Nite Stand   Tudor Dog House anyone?


But here’s my all time favorite. If you have a partner who would prefer not … Read more

How to Prevent Dog Urine From Creating Burn Spots in Your Lawn

There are three types of calls I routinely get from my family:

  1. All medical related concerns thanks to my EMT background.
  2. All vegetable gardening questions thanks to more than a couple of decades of dirt under my fingernails.
  3. Last but not least…  Dogs of course!

It ensures that I regularly get to hear from most of my family fairly often.  The most recent call I fielded was from one of my nephews who has a delightful female Golden Retriever. As … Read more