Spring is Springing

Spring is springing around here—worrisomely, a bit too early…  If you know of anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming, just send them along to my place. With temps in the 70’s and 80’s for the past two weeks in the middle of March, Mother Nature is clearly a little confused. None of this should be happening for at least another month!

Peonies breaking dormancy             … Read more

A Light Show to Beat All Light Shows

Space.com senior writer Mike Wall reports that particles ejected by recent solar storms are due to slam into Earth over the next few days, possibly causing super-charged northern lights displays and temporary radio blackouts in some areas, experts say.

Geomagnetic storms can also trigger dramatic aurora displays, which are also known as the northern and southern lights. So skywatchers at higher latitudes may want to look up after sunset over the next few days.

You know I’ll be outside … Read more

Childhood Memories

Memories…  Little treasures and traps that we collect over a lifetime. Longtime readers know that I’ve worked hard to help Cait focus on the treasures, as I try to do for myself. That’s because, as a storyteller, I’m keenly aware of the power of the stories we tell ourselves about where we’ve been, who we are, and where we’re going. Hence my desire to carry the treasures forward.

One of my favorite early memories is of going to my … Read more

How to Hill Potatoes

Ah, the vagaries of gardening in the Northeast…  An exceptionally rainy Spring has brought more than a few false starts with rotting seeds, and slow starts with battered seedlings. Such setbacks are par for the course when you throw in with Mother Nature. It’s all part of the adventure.

Even with an uncooperative Spring, there are a few plants that are flourishing, including my potatoes, which are growing like crazy. Having just finished a second hilling, I thought I’d … Read more

How Long Will it Take Them…

We’ve got a messy storm blowing in, so Cait and a friend wanted to get in what may be the last of the skating for a bit.

Cait takes a moment to tighten up her laces.


Even though the ice is 5 inches thick (thick enough to safely drive a car on) and we have a long-line rope on the fence post, I still wind up checking on them from time to time.  My old EMT safety habits die hard.… Read more

More Exciting Around Here Than Christmas

I’m guessing you can tell from all the pond shots over the years, that we really love our pond.

A friend described it as sort of like a big outdoor rug,  the decorating element that anchors the room—in this case, our outdoor room.

And I’d have to agree, though I’d put it a little differently. It’s the gravitational pull of our property that draws all living things to it. For its calming, meditative effect. For its nourishment. And for the … Read more

Space Weather Alert Service — Way Cool!

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that I’ve been a long-time amateur astronomer. Going back to my early childhood, I’ve had a fascination for all things up in the sky. It’s a fascination that Cait has come to share.  We’ve spent many a night (and early morning) outside looking up at planets in conjunction and watching spectacular meteor showers. We’ve recently discovered this service that alerts us to cool stuff going on overhead.  Check it out … Read more

Time to Fix the Fence

Graidy is my early bird; he likes to start the day around 5 AM-ish. Once he gets me up, it’s rare that I can get back to sleep. So we hang out and take in the early morning sights.

Once the sun came up, this is what we saw this morning.


There are actually five, all total, though it’s hard to see the fifth one. Two families of three and two.


Pretty scene, isn’t it?


And I’m glad my bumper … Read more