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Why I Don’t Use a Flexi-Leash

What’s the matter with using a Flexi-leash?

Flexi-leashes require tension on the leash in order to keep the line pulled out and thus teach dogs to pull.

And if you already have a dog who pulls (because maybe you haven’t had the time to properly train him how to walk on a leash?) then a flexi-leash will ensure that you will always have a problem walking your dog. I know. Harsh, but true.

Here’s just one of the all-too-frequent occurrences … Read More

How to Turn Any Stranger into Your Dog’s Friend

Dog Food DoorWith the holidays (and lots of company) approaching, if you want to enter our house in relative peace, it’s best to come bearing gifts.

Specifically, dog food treats are most welcome. But if you’ve forgotten yours at home, no worries. I’ve attached a container of kibble right at garage door knob level. You can’t miss it coming in.

Think of it akin to entering church, where you bless yourself with holy water before entering. Kinda like ensuring good luck–

Only, … Read More

Time to Figure it Out


Graidy went to visit friends the other day and had a great ol’ time! Actually, this is just a Graidy look-alike. When a friend sent this photo, I had to do a double-take.

Since we got Graidy from a wonderful Border Collie rescue place, we’ve always wondered what he was mixed with. While he certainly had the high energy of a Border Collie, he had zero herding instinct. That is, if you counted herding anything on two or four … Read More

Dessert is in the Eye of the Beholder

finn-litter-box It’s been an exciting couple of days. I go away for just ONE day and come back to find that not only has Wink eaten a corner of a rag rug to shreds, but then he helped himself to the covered kitty litter box for dessert!

How did I find this out? When he started throwing up the evidence.

Not aware that he’d been binge-eating at this bazaar banquet, I quickly got brought up to speed with one look at … Read More

How to Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather

After two days of reasonable winter temps, we’re headed back for another brutal cold snap. All kidding aside about Graidy and Wink being winter wusses, they both have conditions that make the cold and snow more difficult for them to handle. Both  have very fine, single layer coats with little insulation value (versus Kiera’s thick 2-layer winter coat with undercoat). Graidy, at 10 yrs old, has a touch of arthritis and Wink’s short legs often put his underside in direct … Read More

How Cold is It…?

King Charles Cavalier in snow It’s been in the single and negative digits here for days, as it has been for many states across the Mid West and North East. Too cold for man or beast to dally outside.

When Kiera was here, she’d have pointed out that I wasn’t a man and she wasn’t a beast–and she would have insisted that we go walking.

She’d have looked at the thermometer, noted its mercury nose-dive with a nod, as if to say, “You gonna let … Read More

Days of the Long Shadows

I especially love the fall for its brisk air and special kind of light.


And I especially hate it because of having to turn the clocks back. That’s because this guy has no concept of daylight savings time!


I don’t mind having learned to become an early riser to make sure Graidy can get himself outside at the crack of dawn. But I do mind having to now get up at what feels like the crack of the-middle-of-the-night. Two weeks … Read More

Three Ring Circus Around Here

Andrew recently got a taste of how pretty much every day of my life has gone for the last two months. We’re in the midst of some necessary house renovations, which means that workmen are traipsing in and out all day long. Which essentially means countless opportunities for doggie decampment.

Without Kiera to help me keep Graidy and Wink in line, I’ve had my hands full with my two escape artists. It’s pretty much a full-time job.

So when I … Read More


I’ve always been mesmerized by light. Light-play over the ocean. Light through clouds. Light through trees. Light streaming in the window. Light after a storm… There’s just something about it that’s essentially uplifting and cleansing for me.Border Collie One of the first things I remember when I first saw Graidy in Rescue was how the light shimmered off his coat. Still does to this day. Still puts a big smile on my face.… Read More

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