Spring is… Springing

I can’t really say Spring has sprung yet because we’re about two weeks behind where we normally are at this time. But it’s definitely springing!


My herb and perennials garden looks to have survived the winter in one piece. Read on to view my garden by the numbers.

  1. Chives are growing.
  2. Compost is being added to replenish nutrients.
  3. If you like fresh herbs, Oregano is an easy perennial.
  4. Be careful where you plant mint, as it gets pretty invasive. But I love mint so I don’t mind.
  5. Parsley is starting to take off already.
  6. Garlic planted last fall is greening up.
  7. Wink is wondering what the heck I’m doing up on the deck when he is down below.
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Good Ol’ Standby

Betty Crocker 1976 CookbookWith the holidays fast approaching, I’m  starting to dig through favorite recipes to get a jump on some of the cooking.

While it’s true that my cookbook tastes lean toward the East, as in Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese…  I do have my old American standbys for everyday and not-so-everyday dishes.

For instance, I still have this Betty Crocker cookbook my parents gave me when I moved into my first apartment waaaay back when.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have dozens of its recipes committed to memory, from such frequent use.  Sometimes simple and straight forward is best.

I will also admit that there is some pretty weird schtuffff […]

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Gardening in November– Sort of…

Even though I put my gardens to bed last month, I’ve still got garden dirt under my nails. That’s because Cait has conscripted me to help her get her biology project started.

Biology Project

She asked me to get 30 pea seeds to grow so that she can then see how they fare with various amounts of water everyday. As you can see, she has 6 groups of 5 plants that she will be summarily stunting to various degrees by over or under-watering. 

I made her move them into her room because it kinda goes against my nature to deliberately try to kill anything–even for the sake of science. I know… I’m a wuss.

Anyway, I’m […]

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Grilled or Pesto — Use Those Scapes!

scapeI’ve spent most of the morning pinching scapes off my garlic plants. And in case you didn’t know it, scapes are quite a delicacy — right up there with fiddlehead ferns in my book!

Both have a short window for when they’re available though. While I’m lucky enough to grab them fresh, straight from the garden, chances are that you can find them at your local farmers market right about NOW! If you do find some, here are two of my favorite recipes for them.

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Grilled ScapesGrilled Scape Recipe

For quick and immediate enjoyment, I’ll grill a bunch […]

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Are Wasps Beneficial for Fruit Trees?

plum tree

My plumbs are growing nicely. But…


This wasp nest presents a dilemma…

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With the general lack of bees, I’m always trying to support whatever bee/wasp colonies I can. While wasps aren’t the handy dandy pollinators that bees are, they do some pollinating. AND they eat lots of other pesky insects.

So, even though they are more aggressive in general than bees, I usually take a “live and let live policy.” BUT– the problem is that they also feed on fruit.

So this wasp nest has to go.

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