Spring is… Springing

I can’t really say Spring has sprung yet because we’re about two weeks behind where we normally are at this time. But it’s definitely springing!


My herb and perennials garden looks to have survived the winter in one piece. Read on to view my garden by the numbers.

  1. Chives are growing.
  2. Compost is being added to replenish nutrients.
  3. If you like fresh herbs, Oregano is an easy perennial.
  4. Be careful where you plant mint, as it gets pretty invasive. But I love mint so I don’t mind.
  5. Parsley is starting to take off already.
  6. Garlic planted last fall is greening up.
  7. Wink is wondering what the heck I’m doing up on the deck when he is down below.
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Good Ol’ Standby

Betty Crocker 1976 CookbookWith the holidays fast approaching, I’m  starting to dig through favorite recipes to get a jump on some of the cooking.

While it’s true that my cookbook tastes lean toward the East, as in Middle Eastern, I