Birds of a Feather

Yes, time flies — and those of us, ahem, over a certain age know exactly just how fast. Seems every time I turn around another one of my animals has just turned another year older. Just this week Finnegan and Wink have traveled around the sun one more time.

maine coon cat Finnegan is 6 years old now — the longest I’ve had a cat live.  He tells me he’s going to live to be 17. I’m choosing to take him at his word.

Blenheim Cavalier Spaniel

Wink is 3 now. Hard to believe…

I really, really, really didn’t […]

The Case of the Dog Food Mouse, the City Mouse, and the Country Mouse

So goes a recent phone conversation between Cait at home after school, and Andrew and me at work. Cait calls. Andrew picks up the phone.

Cait: Dad, there’s a mouse in the dog food drawer. How do I get it out?

Andrew: Yell at it.

Cait: Yell at it?

Andrew: Yeah, that’ll scare it out.

Cait: Is Mom there?

Andrew (handing me the phone): Cait wants to talk to you .

Me: Hey honey, what’s up?

Cait: Mom, there’s a mouse in the dog food drawer. How do I get it out?

Me: Go into the pantry and get a plastic container and a piece of cardboard. Put the container over the […]

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Tell Me Something Profound

Cait was on her fourth hour of homework when she looked over at me wearily and said, Tell me something profound, Mom. She shoved her geometry book aside in protest, propped herself up on her elbows and said, “All these math problems I’m doing are so meaningless. Who cares?

Slogging through my own pile of homework, her question jolted me upright. But I quickly regrouped, I knew exactly what she was asking:

  • Tell me something that matters.
  • Then tell me why I should care.
  • Then put it into some useful, meaningful context, so I can relate. So it isn’t just more noise.

In my daughter’s case, sadly, her teacher believes he doesn’t have the luxury of time to offer real-life context for why it […]

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Finding the Eye of the Hurricane

Maybe you’ve noticed that life seems to be speeding up lately. It sure has sped up around here.

Cait has been going through a period where’s she’s been given the opportunity to practice not over-reacting.  This is not an easy lesson for a teenager. What’s been interesting to watch is that what initially seems like disappointing or bad news has actually turned out to be a good thing in the end.

The most recent example of this was when she was up for the lead in her school play. It had come down to her and another boy. They both had fantastic call-backs and it was a tough choice. […]

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If You Could Create a School From the Ground Up…

Spring cleaning is well under way around here. There are several projects already in varying stages of completeness. Living in an old farm house means there’s a never-ending supply. Fortunately, Cait usually likes to help. It’s a chance for us to have some uninterrupted talk time, while I apprentice her on the finer points of home repair.

As Cait and I were painting , the subject of one of her school projects came up. Her assignment was to create a utopia. I asked her how it was going, thinking that would be a fun assignment. To my surprise, she complained that it was an impossible task.

I asked her to explain. She […]

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Sing Like Nobody’s Listening

Cait loves to act. LOVES to act. And she’s actually pretty good at it. But all her middle school plays are musicals. Which means that to get a decent part, she must also sing well. But, um… she, ah… doesn’t sing well. And that would be putting it kindly.

At least, she didn’t sing well — before I signed her up for singing lessons last year.

I’m not one to get Cait lessons for every little interest or activity. I’m not one to want her to be involved in a zillion things. That’s because I’m a big believer in “down-time.” For a lot of reasons. Not least of which is because I know that creativity, ingenuity, and discovery are more likely to […]

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How Long Will it Take Them…

We’ve got a messy storm blowing in, so Cait and a friend wanted to get in what may be the last of the skating for a bit.

Cait takes a moment to tighten up her laces.


Even though the ice is 5 inches thick (thick enough to safely drive a car on) and we have a long-line rope on the fence post, I still wind up checking on them from time to time.  My old EMT safety habits die hard.


What I quickly saw was that they had company. Can you see their eyes glowing up on the ridge?


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